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These two web hosting companies both have their roots in California. InmotionHosting (www.inmotionhosting.com) and Dreamhost (www.dreamhost.com) are very well known as quality hosting providers. While similar there are a number of key factors that sets them apart. To enable customers to choose the better one, we compare DreamHost & InmotionHosting on which is a better based on price, features, performance, price, and customer support and we’ll come to an conclusion what these web hosting providers to best for.  We recommend visiting Dreamhost Review and InmotionHosting Review pages for more background knowledge for these providers.

Dreamhost vs Inmotionhosting – Hosting Features

DreamHost and InmotionHosting offer similar features with their entry level hosting plans, but with some exceptions i.e. InmotionHosting offers free SSD while with DreamHost they charge for this service.  Furthermore, both web hosts has come compelling dynamic programming languages, CMS software, control panels etc.  Let’s view the table below:


InmotionHosting DreamHost
Domain Hosting Unlimited Unlimited
Free SSD yes no
Add-on Domains Unlimited no
Parked Domains 6 no
Free Domain yes yes
Control Panel cPanel DreamHosts' Control Panel
Scripts PHP 5, ROR,SSH, Perl, Python, Cron & more PHP 5.2.x, PHP 5.3.x, CGI-BIN, Perl, Python, RoR & more
SSH yes yes
Free Ad Credit $275 Google AdWords $100 Google AdWords
Database MySQL, PostgreSQL MySQL
1-Click Installer yes yes
Website:  www.inmotionhosting.com  www.dreamhost.com

Dreamhost vs Inmotionhosting – Performance And Reliability

DreamHost guarantees a server uptime of “rock solid” 100% and has a single data center in Log Angeles, CA. This means your website and email could be 3,000+ miles or more away from you.  However, InmotionHosting servers are blazing fast and if not these fastest in the industry hands down.  InmotionHosting has 2 advanced data centers with 100% DELL servers to keep a 99.9% server uptime well. Besides this, InmotionHosting utilizes the Max Speed Zone and SSD and peering with more than 4 tier-1 ISP's via BGP to guarantee a high level of reliability and the peak performance.

Dreamhost vs Inmotionhosting – Affordability

In terms of price, DreamHost web hosting solutions starts from $8.95/month, which in the hosting industry it’s pretty expensive since most web hosts provide their entry level hosting under $5.00/month.

As for InmotionHosting, their web hosting package starts from $7.99/mo. But for all new visitors going through this Special promotional link or the coupon below, InmotionHosting will give a 50% discount which will lower the cost to $3.49/mo.  All hosting packages from InmotionHosting come along with a 90-days money back guarantee, so if customers are not satisfied with their hosting services, they will be granted a full refund.

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Dreamhost vs Inmotionhosting – Customer Support

DreamHost support is limited; the company only supports email support and their easy searchable Wiki and community forum.  Customers that want phone support may do so, but this will cost you an additional $9.95 per month

InmotionHosting offers 24×7x365 customer support via phone call, email, live chat and ticket system, and the company states call holding times are less than 30 seconds. InmotionHosting also has a well-designed Support Center where you can find a knowledge base, email/website tutorials, Google hangouts and a community forum and more.

DreamHost vs InmotionHosting – Which one is the best option?

After the comprehensive comparison between DreamHost & InmotionHosting, both have been around for many years and have been surviving in what has become a very competitive market. However, if you want to base your decision on price, performance and support, InmotionHosting would be the clear-cut winner and this option is ideal for Individuals and SMBs.

To get your business started at $3.49/month please check out http://www.inmotionhosting.com


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