Edward Snowden’s Haven App Turns Your Smartphone Into A Surveillance Device

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Edward Snowden, the famous NSA whistleblower recently has introduced an open source app, Haven, to Android phones for helping defending people against potential snoops.

Developed by The Guardian Project and Freedom Of The Press foundation, the new app can run on any Android phone and transform the phone into a small-sized security system that detects intrusions via the camera, audio recording system or even accelerometer. Haven is basically designed to be installed on a spare smartphone and sends alerts to a user’s most often used phone over multiple encrypted channels.

For example, you can place a secondary device with Haven installed in your bedroom safe alongside a laptop storing classified documents or whatever. Haven will turn on the phone’s mic to listen for intruders, flick on the camera to capture a lurcher on video, and use the accelerometer to detect any motion. Besides, the ambient light sensor of the phone will also be set to catch any change in light, and the power monitor will be used to detect whether or not it has been plugged in. Then, for extra security purpose, updates including video and audio will be sent via Signal, the popular private messenger recommended by Edward Snowden. Alternative to real-time updates, you can manually check the logs for the Haven-loaded phone on the device itself or remotely via a Tor-based website.

The Haven app acts just like a guard dog. You can take it with you to anywhere and leave it in somewhere you want to keep secure. The most practical significance of the app, according to Snowden, is to create a trusted physical space for you.

The public beta of Haven now is available for free download on F-Droid and in the Play Store.

About Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee as well as contractor for the United States government, remains exiled in Russia as a result of copying and leaking classified information from the NSA in 2013 without authorization. Instead of a theft of government property like the U.S. Department of Justice charged, Snowden is mostly known as a whistleblower or even a hero. He has been paying great attention to public’s data privacy invaded. In addition to helping develop an iPhone case for automatically detecting whether users are put in the risk of detection during data transmission, he is also vocal about services that he thinks are potentially dangerous to privacy, and more. 

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