Equinix Announces the Availability of IBX SmartView for Colo Customers

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Equinix, the largest IBX data center and colocation provider in the world, launched an announcement on February 28, 2017, confirming that the IBX SmartView now is available in several IBX data centers, including Chicago, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Washington D.C., plus Singapore. It also claims to extend availability of the DCIM software in all Equinix IBX data center facilities across the world in the future. 

IBX SmartView is an online data center infrastructure monitoring service, enabling direct access to relevant real-time and trended data through a unified Equinix Customer Portal, offering alerts on configurations and push notifications on critical operating data, as well as generating customizable reports and globally consistend data views. Developing IBX SmartView for colocation providers who are dependent on Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) facilities is regarded as an inevitable trend for the company, however. 

As with the coming of digital transformation era, enterprises are forced to choose a distributed architecture for the purpose of a better interconnection between the fast-growing people, clouds, locations, and data outside the corporate network. Colocation data centers play an important role in approaching a highly integrated yet dynamic IT infrastructure. 

In addition, enterprises also expect for end-to-end performance of services in addition to optimized visibility of physical infrastructure when adopting a third-party data center. In other words, improving transparency into the operating status, especially when it comes to critical infrastructure, is the most effective way to increase efficiency and reduce risk. Other more, enterprises need more details and deep insights of how their businesses perform so that they can make proactive plan and actionable decision. 

Compared to implementing a DCIM software in enterprise data centers, customers prefer to a well-deployed infrastructure handled by the service provider. 

Meanwhile, DCIM vendors have witnessed a very low revenue growth in the enterprise market, they begin targeting colocation companies. A group of colo providers have announced partnership with DCIM vendors, for instance, Digital Realty Trust; while other colo providers like Etix and IO have chosen to develop their own DCIM tools.  

Data Center monitoring is of great importance for digital business success

As with the increasing complexity of digital data centers, digital businesses are requiring for an increased visibility as well as access into data center environments and infrastructure operations information. Only they have enough information about the whole data center infrastructure can they come up with a better way to operate it and perform risk management or planning. From the below chart made in accordance with 451 Research’s Datacenter Management Software: DCIM and DSCO”, you can easily find that the CAGR of the combined DCIM and DCSO has increased by 26% during 2014 to 2019 period. 

IBX SmartView is essentially designed to focus on monitoring aspect of DCIM and DCSO. Customers with the service are possible to benefit from greater transparency for data center operation like reduced risk planning, improved proactive planning, and greater operational efficiency. 

Equinix launches the availability of home-baked DCIM software, hoping to help customers save time, resources, and investment in integration of data center infrastructure platform because IBX SmartView will be able to provide enhanced end-to-end visibility, real-time custom reporting, and consistend information gathering or analysis in minutes after requested.  

The Equinix Customer Portal is the primary route for IBM SmartView currently. The company has also promised to roll out APIs and mobility in the near future. 

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