Facebook Not to Sell Ads to Pages That Regularly Share False News

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This year, Facebook really makes great efforts on forbidden fake news on their app and pages. Here the company is taking another action which released yesterday. It said that the company will stop selling ads to those pages which share fabricated stories and false news. 

Before that, Facebook has already joint with other outside fact-checkers such as the AP and Snopes to flag the inaccurate news that are not supposed to be the news stories which are disputed for partisanship or opinions, but these outright lies and hoaxes. The company also said that once a story or news is flagged as disputed, its link will no longer be promoted via Facebook ads.

After that, Facebook announced yesterday that it would stop pages which regularly share and display these fake stories from purchasing any Facebook ads, regardless of the ad contains a disputed link or not. 

Last year, Facebook was ever criticized a lot for it acted as a role in assisting to the spread of false or fake new stories. (False news is used now instead of fake news because the latter has become almost meaningless and heavily politicized.) To deal with the increased criticism from the public, the company has been attempting to fight back in 3 ways, which are to end the economic incentive to share false news or stories, to slow the spread of the false news, and to help uses make much more informed choices and decision seeing a false news story, according to Facebook’s Product Director, Rob Leathern.

As Leathern said, this action to block ad-buying is just to end the economic incentives. The company is concerned about the criticism that saying there is some pages sharing the information by using Facebook Ads to engage audiences so as to spread false news stories. In the means of changing its ads policy, the company is making it more difficult for those companies to drive these audiences. 

What’s more, the company did not specify the exact number of the disputed link that a page share before it is blocked, but Facebook indeed does not want uses to attempt to same its system. However, Leathern also said that this is “not a single instance but a repeated pattern of misinformation.” 

Besides, Facebook also disclosed that this ban on purchasing Facebook ads is not necessarily permanent. If the page really stops sharing the false news, then it will finally be able to purchase Facebook ads again.

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