Facebook Pushes out New Function – Add Background Colors

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On 25th, Dec. 2016, Facebook officially confirms that it is testing a new function on Facebook, which allows users to add background colors to those pure test message updates. The added background colors will replace the original white color by default.

According to the background colors Facebook currently provides, users can get the option of gradient colors which is the most representative style of Instagram. This kind of background colors will make users’ Facebook updates look more fashionable and more modern, so as to attract more users to update their status on Facebook.

Facebook also confirms that this new function will be issued in the later few days on a global scale. Facebook addressor said that Facebook is pushing out a new function, which will make text content have better visualization effect. From today, Andriod users can update their pure text content with background colors.”

Specifically, up till now, Facebook new function can only be supported on Andriod. It means now this new function of adding background colors is only available for Andriod users, who can use it to create the background color they like. Fortunately, all the users with iOS, Android, and web version of Facebook can view these background colors created by others in their message flow.

Actually, there are reports in April of the year, saying that the original content sharing on Facebook platforms is on the ebb. Due to this, Facebook tries best to increase the funny on Facebook sharing. To add background colors to users’ Facebook updates will be conducive to strengthen “original share”. Meanwhile, it can distinguish the original share area from news and video forward area.

To stand out from the quick change Internet world, Facebook is always making progress and improvements. Therefore, it brings new functions for users to perfect their online experience more frequently.

During the December of the year, Facebook and its Instagram have announced several new functions, which are all to catch the trends of this industry, and indeed have good effect on the user increase and revenue increase.

For example, Instagram provides new function, Stories, which helps users to share their life stories and update it in real time, while it also provides more story sources for news media. This new function makes it increase 100 million new users in a short period.

Later, Facebook expands its live broadcasting platform with new audio service that will partner with BBC, publisher Harper Collins, and writer Adam Grant and Britt Bennett. Besides the video live broadcasting function, this is another new step that Facebook enhance its live broadcasting platform. And audio live service will be very useful to writers and interviewers. Users can use Facebook app to create those audio.

Thinking about Facebook’s new steps and purpose, it always focuses on improving users’ experience and stably expanding to the related fields with currently popular functions. This is a great strategy for every developer and webmasters, and also the great off-page SEO for customer conversion rate. 

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