Few Online Tools That Simplify Recruitment For The Web Hosting Companies

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Recruiting candidates could be hectic for organisations and since we are already computer and mobile frenzies why not just dump the newspapers or social websites and take the help of online tools which have been specifically designed to help you to hunt the best individual for the position vacant. Here is a list of tools which could assist you your web hosting company to easily recruit and develop people while they are employed with you.

List of tools to simplify recruitment for your web hosting company 

1. HireIQ

Browsing through resumes and having intense discussion among your team members is good but do you think the person you are going to hire is really appropriate? In order to overcome this problem the developers of HirelQ designed this tool in a way that you can identify the right person. This tool enables the individual to think in a specific fashion which will help them succeed in the job which you are hiring them for. The tool offers tests which determine the aptness of a candidate which also enables you to save time and save you from hiring ineffective people.  

2. Namely 

Besides helping in recruiting candidates Namely also sees to various types of problems connected with employment like payments, salaries, etc. This is a cloud solution tool. It focuses on assisting the new employed staff in catching up with the already existing staff and the work of the company. Some more exciting features of the tool include an online system on joining the candidates into the company where they can fill in their details online and fulfil all the HR requirements in no time. The features don’t end here; with Namely you will always have various offers such as newsfeed to keep the newly hired updated about the company or any type of information which might be required by them.  

3. Homerun 

Another easy solution for any web hosting company that is looking to employ people is, Homerun. Homerun helps all the team members to work in a more co-ordinated way, proficiently. Business organisations can set up job websites to entice competent people with the help of Homerun. Once your advertisement is afloat the tool offers an interface which lets the recruitment team to assess the potential candidate and make sure that deductions are shared with every required member in the recruitment team.

4. SAP SuccessFactors 

SAP SuccessFactors is a tool of a German multinational software company which has been designed to completely take care of Human Capital Management. The tool has been stored in the cloud. Other than recruitment SuccessFactors also makes sure that the best candidate walks in your company. The journey from the advertisement till the hiring has been made smooth and easy. The solution also features cross company employee collaboration through mobile which helps the employees within the company to know where the experts are and the experts can make videos connected to the problems and have them sent to the employee facing problem. The tool also has an analytical tool using which the company can analyse their judgements of recruitment process.

5. EmployInsight 

Employing people is good but to have their skills upgraded is something that very few online tools provide. The employees are always in need for skill upgrades both general and job specific. Timely skill upgrades help in job improvement and gives better productivity to your web hosting company. This online solution looks into the problems by offering perceptions into a potential applicants’ psychosomatic and reasoning temperament to institute whether or not the candidate will succeed in the position. 

6. The Applicant Manager Software 

Frequently known as TAM, the Applicant Manager Software has a cloud based recruitment solution which is good for any small business companies. The online solution features a pre-screening tool which aids in speeding up the recruitment process. It also shares information among the members of the recruitment team and helps in browsing through the applicants' resumes to make sure that the members share the same view at all the stages of the recruitment process.

7. Greenhouse

In the process of helping a web hosting company in hiring people Greenhouse posts details of the advertisement to different websites that deal in job advertisements. Greenhouse also helps in managing all the different elements of recruitment such as arranging interviews and even deciding on the right person for the job. 

8. Tasytt 

Tasytt is also a cloud based online recruitment tool which emphases on when the employees are hired and onboard and helps them to socialize into the organization. The solution also creates fun games that are connected with learning all about the organization and work. It also awards them with points for the answers received. 

9. HireRight

There could be times when you would find the candidate suitable and among the best for the vacancy of your company but they might have faulty backgrounds. HireRight goes as far as looking into the criminal records of the candidates and does other necessary background checks to ensure that you hire the right person in your web hosting company. 

10. Workable 

There are many good candidates who are passive and like to wait to get offered first. Workable is a tool which helps in gathering the data of such candidates from social media websites such as LinkedIn and others. The recruitment team can then take it forward with them and hire the most suitable candidate from the lot.

11. Lever 

The most tedious job in recruitment is explaining the potential candidate all about the job requirements. All this means loss of time and therefore loss in productivity. Lever provides an interface that all the potential candidates can find and examine. From floating a job vacancy for your web hosting company to managing the complete interview process, Lever is the best online tool for a recruitment team. The team members can comment and interrelate on how suitable the potential candidate is.

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