Free CDN Services to Boost the Speed of Wordpress

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Most of the wordpress users are familiar with CDN services. If you want to save bandwidth costs and want your website to launch quickly, you should have your site powered with a Content delivery network (CDN). The simple wordpress CDN plugin will make your website to load amazingly fast and will make it to acquire a higher rank in search engine results. If your wordpress webpage is unable to load within 3 seconds, it will be avoided or downgraded in search results  is a great solution for this kind of situations. 

CDNs are available for free from some providers, and paid versions are also available. 

Here we provide intro to some free wordpress CDN plugin providers to choose from:

Top free DNS providers:

1. is sponsored by jsDeliver public CDN. They offer you 1TB of free bandwidth for CDN. You might agree that 1 TB is more than sufficient for any website. It will handle a website with moderate level traffic and images easily and efficiently. Despite of being free service providers they have excellent service and support too. Due to the large amount of bandwidth they offer, they can easily outperform paid CDN services and wordpress CDN plugin.

2. jsDeliver:

If you are familiar with wordpress you may know very well that every wordpress theme uses a java script to enhance their visual design, a.js files needs to be downloaded first to make this script work. jsDeliver is one of the free public CDNs for those java script libraries and other files related to that very same concept. It is spread around the globe with over 91 POP locations. If you have a self hosted wordpress site, this free wordpress CDN plugin is a must have thing.

3. Photon by Jetpack:

Any wordpress user does not require introduction to jetpack. They have included a free DNS service in their recent update, under the name Photon. It will serve images of your site through their grid that too with a global coverage. Activating their service is easy, since all you need to do is to download and install jetpack and then activate their photon module. Other jetpack services may cost you money, but Photon is totally free of costs.

4. Google app Engine:

Google app engine is a wordpress CDN plugin that is mainly used to run web based applications, to host websites and for data storage. In their free package, they include 500MB of storage, 10 hosted projects and a maximum number of 5,000,000 page views per month. It is simply enough for any medium size wordpress website with moderate traffic and images.

5. CloudFlare:

CloudFlare is a large CDN and DNS service providers. They have over 23 data centers spread worldwide. They need no introduction for self hosted wordpress sites, since they are already been protecting thousands of websites. Their services are free of costs and super easy to activate thanks to their wordpress CDN plugin. It makes implementing their services in your site super easy.

6. SwarmCDN:

They are new providers in this field. They are peer-to-peer based CDN. They offer 100 GB of bandwidth in their free plan. They are well knows, especially for wordpress websites with medium traffic and moderate image data. You can count on it if you own a new website on which you are still working for building some audience. 

7. Incapsula:

They are famous for their application delivery. They provide their services for global CDN, Website Security, DDoS Security and load balancing. Their service is freaking easy to activate and requires only 5 minutes and some couple of clicks. They offer a nice free plan for startup customers. They also offer a free wordpress CDN plugin that is designed to track id address detection of the visitors of your wordpress website. They provide real time threat analysis to block multiple threats like multi-gigabit DDoS attacks and other cyber attacks. Their global content delivery network makes the outgoing traffic much faster.

8. Coral CDN:

Like swarm CDN they are also a P2P (Peer-To-Peer) based content delivery network and their services are totally free of costs. Their network functions on billions of computers that are connected over the same network and are spread across the globe. Thanks to this technique, we can enjoy their services for free. They offer a free wordpress CDN plugin that is very easy to include in your wordpress website. Static content of their website is served by appending ‘’ in your element URL. It is hard to believe but it works like a charm!

When should I switch to a paid CDN or wordpress CDN plugin?

If you own a newly launched website which have a low amount of daily traffic, then you shouldn’t go for a paid CDN service, since you will be only wasting you money on unused bandwidth. In such situations it is strongly recommended to use a free version in beginning that is able enough to handle a website with medium traffic and limited image and script data. As the traffic increases your speed will start decreasing eventually. In such situation you can switch to a paid version. 

Here we provide list of some paid wordpress CDN plugin providers that offer excellent paid services once your trial period is over. In trial period you will receive full services that are provided to paid consumers.

  • Max CDN
  • Key CDN
  • Rackspace
  • CacheFly
  • CDN77

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