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Free Cloud Storage ServicesIn today’s market a lot of companies are turning to cloud storage as means of storing data and information.  There are tons of online storage services that offer free GB cloud storage space.  In fact some of these companies offer even more free GB storage for referring friends to their services.

Having trouble deciding on which free cloud storage service is right for you, well below are 5 free cloud storage services to help you decide.

OneDrive - 15GB of free storage

onedrive-cloud-storage-1OneDrive is Microsoft's free online storage offering. You need to have a Live or Hotmail account, even though the email service is free its actually worth setting one up just for the free cloud storage alone.  The company enables their users 15GB of free cloud storage.

To view more information about OneDrive, please read more at the OneDrive Review.

Google Drive - 15GB of free storage

Free Cloud Storage ServicesGoogle Drive users are granted free 15GB of cloud storage and if you have a Gmail account you can also sync Google Drive with your account to access and store files wherever you are.

To know more information please go to the Google Drive Review.


Box - 10B of free storage

Free Cloud Storage ServicesBox (formerly provides users with 10 GB of free online storage space for their personal account, when signing up with Box.  The company allows all their customers to pick single files to share with a public or share whole folders of data.

To gain knowledge about Box, you can check out the Box Review.


Amazon 5GB of free storage

Free Cloud Storage ServicesAmazon has their own cloud storage called Amazon Cloud Drive that allows all their users 5 GB of free online storage.   Customers can share files and also create online links that is available to any user, even if they don’t have an Amazon account.

To view more information visit the Amazon Cloud Drive Review.


Dropbox 2GB of free storage

dropbox-cloud-storage-1Dropbox is highly popular and even though they offer the lowest free amount of GB, their one of the biggest names in cloud storage industry due to their ease of use.  You can use Dropbox anywhere with any kind of email address and Dropbox has an online version which enables users to use on any PC where Dropbox is not installed.

To know more about the company, check out the Dropbox Review.


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