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Godaddy provides a quite wide range of products, including domain, websites, hosting, online marketing, web security and so on. Here is a good news for hosting buyers: both of web hosting and WordPress hosting are under big promotion right now!

Godaddy Promotion on Web Hosting

Godday offers Linux and Windows Web hosting plans. They are at same price as well as at 40% off. But Windows plan has richer features than Linux. Take the Deluxe solution as an example, Windows version has all the offerings included in Linux one, (such as 500 Email Addresses, unlimited websites, storage and bandwidth), but it also has 25 MySQL Databases (1GB each), 2 MSSQL Databases (200 MB each) and 50 FTP Users. 

With 40% off, all of these plans become much cheaper. But you should also be aware of the renewal pricing when you are selecting plans and make sure that you can afford it.

Godaddy Promotion on WordPress Hosting

Godaddy WordPress Hosting is designed to simplify website building. The company offers four kinds of packages consisting of Basic, Deluxe,Ultimate and Developer Plan. Now, all of these plans are under promotion and at 40% discount ! Hereinafter, we will describe features of each plan and help you to find out which one suits you the most.

  • Basic   Plan- 1 website, 10GB SSD storage, 25,000 monthly visitors;
  • Deluxe  Plan- 1 website, 15GB SSD storage, 100,000 monthly visitors, SEO plugin; 
  • Ultimate Plan- 2 websites, 30GB SSD storage, 400,000 monthly visitors, SEO plugin for 2 sites; free SSL certificate for a year; Malware scan and removal for 2 sites;
  • Developer Plan- 5 websites, 50 GB SSD storage, 800,000 monthly visitors,free SSL certificate for a year.

Besides, all of them also have SSH/SFTP access and Free domain with annual plan. Except for Basic Plan, the rest of them are equipped with One-click staging site. The number of your site visitors is an important clue to choose a suitable plan. With 40% discount, the price will not be a problem or a major factor that affects your choice. As far as we can see, the Ultimate Plan is the most cost-effective and safest one because it offers SEO plugin and Malware scan and removal that even not included in the more expensive Developer Plan.

Godaddy Promotion on Website Builder

Godaddy Website Builder Plan consists of three plans- Personal, Business and Business Plus. Each of them is at various discount. As the picture shows, Personal Plan is 83% off and only priced at $1.49 per month; Business plan and Business Plus are 40% off respectively.

If you just need a cheap and basic GoDaddy website builder, we highly recommend the Personal Plan. Firstly, $1.49/mo is incredibly budget. Secondly, you can still get generous offerings that includes a free domain, 50 Personal Themes, Unlimited Pages, 1 GB Disk Space, 150 GB Bandwidth and so on. Although the domain is not free for lifetime, the Personal plan is perfect for people who attempt to build up their first or small websites.

Business and Business Pro plan cost more but also provide more. Let’s compare them to tell the differences:

  • Business Plan- 10 GB Disk Space;500 GB Bandwidth;
  • Business Pro- 50 GB Disk Space;1,000 GB Bandwidth;Search Engine Optimization; One-Click Social Media Manager; free SSL Certificate for the first year  

Besides, both of them also includes mobile site conversion service, free domain, unlimited pages,300 Business & Personal Themes and Business email from Office 365. Owing to the big promotion, even the Business Plus plan becomes affordable for individuals. 

Godaddy SSL Certificates is On Sale

SSL Certificates are of great value in securing websites, especially when your website accepts credit card. All of the three Godaddy SSL solutions are at 9-10% discount.

All of them include SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, Boost Google search ranking and unlimited 24/7 security support. But they are differed in the number of securing websites. The basic one only protect one website, the enhanced one protects 100 websites, and the last one can protect one website and its all sub-domains. If you want to turn the browser bar green, the first two solutions may suit your demands better. 

In addition, Premium SSL Certificates is also on sale with 50% off. It charged $289.99 in the past but now it only costs you $144.99/year. 

Other Promotions

Godaddy offers generous discount on various products covering domains, Professional Email, Microsoft Office and WordPress. It also offers one month trial on Online Store. 

To be specified:

  • GoDaddy Email Marketing is at 46% discount and now as low as $7.99/month
  • Selected new domain extensions is 30% OFF

Tips for Choosing Godaddy Hosting 

Godaddy is one of the most famous hosting providers in the industry, so that the quality of its products has already been proven by time. But choosing a suitable hosting plan is also of great value because we all hope to get the perfect plan with spending as less money as possible.

You may be already aware that the free domain involved in hosting plan is not free for lifetime, which means you may be charged with addition fee for using domain in the future. So before purchasing hosting plan, please make sure that you are completely understand the renewal price of your domain name. 

In addition, SEO has a significant influence on website ranking. Therefore, we highly recommend that you should choose the hosting plan with SEO plugin if you want to create a wonderful and successful website. After all, with such generous promotion, hosting plan that includes SEO is not expensive at all. 

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