Google Now Delivers Search Results Based on Detected Location Rather Than Country Domain

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No longer country code top-level domain names for Google Search and Maps!

Google announced last Friday that it is serving the user result using detected location while ignoring the country code element of the domain name, for the purpose of making search results more local and relevant.

In other words, Google displays search results in accordance with a user’s real location that the search engine has detected, regardless of what domain extensions the user searches from,,, or

Specifically, according to Google Product Manager Evelyn Kao explained in a blog post, if you live in Italy, the search engine will automatically switch your location to there and present you the country service for Italy. When you travel to Australia, for instance, your results will then automatically change to the country service for Australia.

In order to help users identify their country service, Google search page has been added a strap at the bottom to indicate which country has been detected.

Google said that currently mobile web services, Google app on iOS, in addition to its desktop and map products are applied to the new change. In the future, these products will also be line with how Blogger, YouTube, Gmail and Google Earth operate.

For people who are expecting to escape from their country’s results, Google still makes it possible for them to change locations through the settings menu. The way of changing your region to show you results for the country you want is very simple:

1.     Open your Chrome browser;

2.     At the bottom right, tap Settings > Search Settings.

3.     Scroll down to the end, and find Region Settings.

4.     Choose a region you prefer to.

5.     Tap Save.

The company believes that the change will be helpful in improving user Search experience, because users can be offered with more accurate information that is dependent on their search query, location and other context.

Last week, Alphabet, the owner of Google, announced Third Quarter 2017 Results, saying that the net income reached $6.73 billion, accounting for 24% of the total revenue of $27.8 billion. Google, during the previous quarter, contributed $27.5 billion in revenue as well. At the same time, the financial report also shows that the revenue generated from Other Bets category, including Nest, Waymo, Fiber, and other speculative projects was $302 million, while the operating losses increased to $812 million. 

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