Google to Remove Chrome Apps from Web Store, Move to PWAs in 2018

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Google on Wednesday suddenly started to remove Chrome Apps from Chrome Web Store. In fact, the action of wiping out applications from Chrome has been announced over a period of time and the company made some applications be transformed into plugins as well, but it seems to postpone the removal of Chrome Apps form an indefinite period. 

As a matter of fact, Google announced a year ago that Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux would no longer to utilize application again but those applications would be still compatible with Chrome OS. At present, Google suddenly took action and thoroughly removed Chrome Apps from Chrome Web Store, so, users will not be allowed to download the Chrome Apps on Web Store.

Apps and Game now both disappeared in Chrome, but users can still find them from Chrome OS. Google ever said that the reason to remove Chrome Apps from its Web Store is that there is almost no one using these applications.

However, it is evident that Chrome plugins will be continuing to exist here. Also, Google has sent emails to developers about telling this change in Chrome and saying that Google will completely remove application function from Chrome in the first quarter of 2018. 

Over 50% Google search queries come from the mobile machines and the growth rate of location-related mobile searches are faster than all mobile searches, up 50%. 

In Google’s email, it also told developers that its Chrome unit now is making effort to make a replacement of Chrome Apps, named Progressive Web Apps (aka PWAs) be installed on the desktops. The company plans to enable the replacement to ship its functionality in the middle of next year. At that time, users will be allowed to install web application to the desktop as well release them through shortcuts and icons. Now, Android-based Chrome has already supported for PWAs and Google Chrome unit’s goal is to make PWAs feel just like a native application. 

In brief, PWAs will provide websites with the functionality as an app with an app icon, and even it will offer the features like push notification and offline function. 

By far, Google do not offer any more details about removing Chrome Apps from the Chrome OS.

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