Google Returns to China? Google Developers Chinese Website Officially Launches!

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According to the reports on Dec. 8th, Google Developers Summit is held in Beijing. At the summit, Google officially launces Google Developers Chinese website! It brings surprise for Chinese developers, because no mater developers create the products for inner markets or for international markets, they can find the related Google products and technical resources on this site.

The last such a large developers conference that Google holds in China happened 5 years ago. So, this summit brings a big bomb in developers and Chinese users, who are looking forward to Google’s return to China.

However, it could be an illusion to them. Although this question has been aroused from last year, the issue about whether Google will come back to China or is never talked at this meeting. The focus of this developers summit only aims at topic that how to help Chinese Andriod developers set off. This part of business is located in China all the time, and it is also the only Google service in China.

It is reported that Google uses the top class domain name .cn ( for Google Developers Chinese website, which will provide Chinese developers all-around development helps and resources. It is not difficult to find out that Google really seeks for what Chinese developers are looking for.

For example, for those Andriod Studio, Andriod latest version of SDK, Tensor Flow, and other more latest Andriod development resources which are most desired by Chinese developers, they can directly download these resources from Google Developers Chinese website. And later, Chinese Andriod developers can even directly login, which is much convenient for them.

Google Developers Chinese website is specially created for Chinese developers, and it aggregates most development technical resources Google offers, including API files, development cases, technical video tutorials, and etc. there are also 5 key development technologies and the products information. The detailed content is as following:

Andriod – Andriod Developers official website will provide Andriod application developers with Andriod SDK and all related development files.

Web – it will offer Web technologies like Progressive Web Apps to help application developers learn how to use them to create next-gen websites or mobile applications.

Tensor Flow – it is an open source framework for large-scale machine learning, which can offer the support to a variety of depth of neural network. It is highly compatible for different devices, ranging from smart phones to data centers, and has already been widely deployed into multiple Google services’ manufacturing environment.

Google Play – via Google Play, developers can reach and serve more than 190 countries and districts around the world and more than 1 billion Andriod users.

AdMob – With Google AdMob, developers can effortlessly gain profits from those precisely launched app built-in advertising.

Firebase – it is a mobile platform, which can help developers to quickly develop high-quality applications, expand user base, and make more revenue. Actually, Firebase consists of a number of complementary functions, and developers can assemble and match those functions to meet their special needs.

Apart from Google Developers Chinese website, Senior Director of Google Global Developers Product Group, Ben Galbraith also launches that Google Developer Agency Program will foray into China early next year. So, do developers look forward to it? And for web designers, taking good advantage of finnal web hosting coupons in this year and these advanced Google tech programs,  they can fully make more amzaing pages on their sites. 

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