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WHSR started using WP engine and there are so many pros to discuss on but there are cons as well encountered during migration and I am going to discuss them especially at this point when WP engine  does not accompany features that provide for email hosting.

Email Hosting: Choices offered

Email hosting is an internet service that operates email services, it hosts the email servers. Email hosting service has more advantages over typical end-user email providers because it can account for all email users. There can be challenges migrating into these email services and there are solutions as well. Ideally when creating an email account where your domain comes at the end and wants it to be created differently, there are options such as contacting other email hosting providers and the services for hosting email that you will have to pay for. For it to be successful you simply have to make sure that your MX record is updated. MX record stands for Mail Exchange Records and its function is to receive and send emails. For example, if your domain is kiptoo then it would be read as mail.kiptooinc.IN MX 86400; Name, class, type, TTL (Time To Live), preference and data.

Personal experiences on various solutions for hosting email

After reading a lot on services including runbox, mail2web as well as fast mail,  you would never want to sign up an account with them, so you may have to decide to work on the email that uses WHSR. Firstly, you will use Hostgator to try and host your personal email account then you may decide to switch to Google Apps. This swap is actually recommended by the WP engine. If you are not comfortable with your emails being held at Google, you may be forced to swap to Rackspace and you may find it comfortable with the Microsoft 365 alternative.

  1. Using HostGator to host your personal email

If you are using an account that hosts gators, it is convenient and cheap to run email accounts. To attain this, there are procedures to be followed:

a.)Assuming you are using the Hostgator account, you will be able to obtain your email account using HostGator.

This is only possible after contacting gator supports and asking for the MX records of your mail server.

b.) Make sure the details are copied and then proceed to the registrar of your domain. Let's use cynkiptoo as an example

c.) Go ahead to look for control of DNS at cynkiptoo

d.)Click 'quick add' host type ‘mail’ and then ‘IP’ on where you will see ‘Point to’

  1. e) Click 'quick add' '0' under priority '@' on where you will see host and 'mail.yourdomain.com on where you will locate ‘Goes to’.

This process will be done whenever you swap your email under host and will get easier on many times usage

  1. Using Google apps as your email account

Google holds your email on top of all the data in your Google search web analytics which includes: Adwords account, YouTube, GTalk and  Google Plus which sometimes can be uncomfortable to use. Google is free and servers can log in to many accounts at once. However, you will need to pay or user account under Google Apps for Business.

  1. Rackspace Email

Rackspace is a company that provides 15-day trial period. It is cheap and gives everything one would ever need in a webmail system. I, therefore, decided to try it out. Their ordering process took less time because the Rackspace staff are generally very professional and they actually call to verify your information. In fact, you will only need two email accounts but with Rackspace you may be forced to buy five email accounts because their minimum order is $10/month. The webpage to visit is http://www.rackspace.com./apps/email.hosting/

  1. Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers ground for everyone to work together easily with anywhere access to email, web conferencing documents and calendars.

When you start using Microsoft 365, you may find it difficult. For one, you may find that the documentation is a little confusing because you may get bumped trying to read from one site to another. Well, that may be replicated on a personal level especially if you are unfamiliar with the services that Microsoft offers.

Once you start becoming comfortable using it, you will totally like the Microsoft 365. You will especially love the way webmail, outlook 2007 and mobile systems sync. Its entire process of configuration is very smooth and furthermore, you are able to request user accounts in measures that you choose at only $6 per user accounts. Compared to Rackspace, you don't have to cater for not even one penny of the additional accounts that you did not use.

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