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Host4ASP.NET ( has been specialized in ASP.NET hosting solutions for years. The company has natural advantages to design better ASP.NET hosting plans. Host4ASP.NET is one of Microsoft golden web hosting providers, recommended by official ASP.NET website, 100%. NET focused, and supported with latest MS technologies. 

DotNetNuke (DNN) is an ASP.NET-based CMS, and DotNetNuke hosting also requires rich and good windows technical features. Host4ASP.NET has DotNetNuke optimized hosting, plus ASP.NET optimization, Host4ASP.NET is really a good DotNetNuke hosting option. In below, we will take you on the journey to reveal why Host4ASP.NET is one of the best DotNetNuke hosting!

Host4ASP.NET Offers Rich DNN Hosting Features

As we talked above, Host4ASP.NET has natural advantage to offer customers well-designed and fine-tuned ASP.NET hosting which can be easily and fully optimized for DotNetNuke. Therefore, Host4ASP.NET DotNetNuke hosting plans all come with rich DNN hosting features to support wide functionality extension of DNN websites.

Unlimited Resources

Host4ASP.NET totally offers two different DDN hosting packages, named Advanced and Business. In both DNN hosting packages, Host4ASP.NET provides up to unlimited websites, unlimited data transfer, unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts, 1GB site memory, etc. Unlimited resources give customers the opportunity to expand their websites as they need.

Advanced Windows Technical Features

Currently, in two DNN hosting plans, customers can receive latest Microsoft technologies which fully adhere to all DNN hosting system demands. To be specific, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, MySQL DBs, multiple editions of .NET Framework, IIS 8.5, Windows Server 2012 R2, popular ASP.NET versions, Silverlight, Classic ASP, MVC and more are included. For developers, these features are amazing for them to develop better DNN websites with rich extensions.

Besides, in the bigger plan, the company even offers free domains, free dedicated IP and free SSL certificate. These can all contribute to DNN website SEO and better security.

1-Click DNN Installation & Free Instant Setup

In order to make DNN web hosting easier and help customers quickly start their DNN websites, Host4ASP.NET offers 1-cllick DNN installation, with which customers can enjoy worry-free and painless DNN installation. Even for newbies, they can quickly make it. 

In addition, each package comes with free instant setup. The service can make customers’ DNN hosting accounts be quickly activated and setup well, saving a lot of time for customers to focus on their DNN website.

No-Downtime Site Transfer

What’s more, Host4ASP.NET understands that site transfer is a time-consuming and complex task, so the company provides customers with no-downtime site transfer service. Its technical experts will help customers transfer their current DNN websites to Host4ASP.NET server with zero downtime. 

Easy Management

After website setting up well, customers need to manage their website, emails, databases and more on site. In order to improve the efficiency and simply the management of DNN website, Host4ASP.NET is generous to offer powerful WebSitePanel. Then, all things related to website management can be done quickly and easily in one place only.

Seeing these highlights of Host4ASP.NET DNN hosting, we can certainly say that Host4ASP.NET DNN hosting really comes with rich DNN-friendly features and redundant resources to support website growing and expansion. 

Host4ASP.NET DNN Hosting Is Cheap

HostASP.NET is offering massive discount to attract more new customers. Customers can sign up for different billing periods to receive different discounts. For DNN hosting, normally, the Advanced plan starts at $6.95/mo, but now it comes with up to 43% off discount, starting at $3.95/mo only. It is valid when customer purchase for 36 months. 

Apart from that, Host4ASP.NET even provides 30-Day refund guarantee. It ensures that customers put their money in safe hands only. During the first 30 days, customers can submit request to cancel accounts and ask for a refund. If customers are intreseted in this promotion, they can go to Host4ASP.NET Coupon to read more.

Host4ASP.NET DNN Hosting Comes with 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Host4ASP.NET is confident deliver customers the DDN hosting with unbeatable reliability as well as high performance. It is not only because it has rich advanced features and easy-to-use tools, but also for Host4ASP.NET runs cutting-edge data centers in both USA and Hong Kong, and utilizes resilient server hardware.

In terms of data centers, Host4ASP.NET invests a lot in data centers located in different continents. For creating a reliability web hosting environment, Host4ASP.NET makes full use of top-level DCs which are all equipped with redundant power supply to guarantee all servers, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation can work well all the time. Besides UPS, there are N+ 1 backup generators available on site to ensure everything working well when suffering power loss!

Other more, to practice promises, Host4ASP.NET only uses parallel, redundant as well as multi-level network architecture to shorten the pate between visitors and customers’ websites, so as to get faster rate, lower latency, and ultra-reliability. 

Host4ASP.NET data centers have obtained the SAS 70 Type II authentication, which means its data centers are qualified to ensure customers’ data security. Plus BetterSecurity Suite in packages, customers has no worry about their website and data security.

For server hardware, Host4ASP.NET makes uses brand-new Dell servers coming with 300% faster SSDs, 24+CPU cores and 32G+ RAM to support customers’ websites with unexceptional performance. 

Besides, Host4ASP.NET has staffs standing-by around the clock to monitoring servers. Once they find any issues, they can quickly respond to fix them. That’s how and why Host4ASP.NMET can offer higher uptime guarantee than its competitors.

Host4ASP.NET Has Award-Winning Customer Support

Technical support has become more and more importance in current industry. Host4ASP.NET follows the industry trends and knows it very well. To quickly support customers, the company now provides multiple support channels to make them quickly go out of troubles. 

Live chat, email and ticket supports are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter which method customers use, they are promised to get response as soon as possible. If they need to look for product information or FAQs, they can visit Host4ASP.NET blog or knowledgebase. There are rich articles like guides and tutorials that are regularly updated by experienced support members. 


By reviewing Host4ASP.NET DNN hosting in the aspect of features, pricing, performance and customer support, we have confirmed that Host4ASP.NET is a good DNN hosting providers that customers should not miss. Its DNN hosting comes with massive discount, a wide range of Windows features and unlimited resources, making the DNN hosting cost-effective. Also, it has 99.99% uptime guarantee and responsive customer support, increasing its hosting quality. Therefore, there is no reason to refuse Host4ASP.NET DNN hosting. Taking advantage of 30-Day refund, customers can feel free to have a try.

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2018-05-25 10:00
My website needs to be hosted on a professional ASP.NET web host. In fact, there are much less ASP.NET hosting options in comparison with Linux ones. The long period of search into the market makes me feel tired. After selection, Host4ASP.NET is also on my shopping list. In addition to your review, I find that this web host deserves my high expectations. Without doubt, it will become my final choice for the DNN hosting.
2018-06-15 11:41
To be honest, I would like to directly go straightforward towards Linux shared hosting, But my situation only allows me to opt for DNN hosting based on Windows platform. I lose my direction until finding Host4ASP.NET. In fact, this review is in accordance with what I have collected from online forums and professionals.