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Host4ASP.NET ( is a top-notch Windows web hosting provider, which now has launched cheap ASP.NET web hosting, Windows VPS, Windows reseller hosting and more to meet those customers with fast-growing needs. Founded in 2014, Host4ASP.NET is relatively fresh to the industry, but it has integrated top-level data centers based in the U.S. and Hong Kong, latest MS technologies and competitive pricing with its Windows hosting packages. These also make it popular among developers, bloggers and SMBs. 

Some customers new in the web hosting may not know why is recommended as one of the best Windows web hosting companies. Therefore, we are to introduce one of its featured web hosting products, Windows VPS hosting, to illustrate the reasons from different angles. 

Host4ASP.NET Offers Flexible VPS Plans with Rich Features

Host4ASP.NET knows customers very well, and the company allows customers to design their own VPS hosting packages as so to better fit their real needs. By default, Host4ASP.NET provides 4 packages: Barebone VPS comes with fresh system ideal for ASP.NET hosting professionals; Developers VPS includes common developing tools; Business VPS is the most popular one with the best features for creating business websites; Managed VPS offers dedicated admin expert support.

Even better, aside offering a list of pre-install scripts available, Host4ASP.NET also allows customers to choose Windows operating systems from Windows 2012 R2 standard edition and Windows 2008 R2 standard edition, and their server sizes by easily increasing or reduce their server space with sliders.

For example, the Barebone VPS package normally comes with 400GB bandwidth, 40GB disk space, 1 core, 1 dedicated IP and 1GB RAM. If customers need more, all packages can be upgraded with 3600GB bandwidth, 200GB disk space, 4 cores, 6 dedicated IPs and 8GB RAM. To boost customers’ servers, all Windows Host4ASP.NET offers 100% SSD storage.

In addition to that, Host4ASP.NET includes many other attractive and powerful features and tools to arm its VPS solutions. Customers who purchased Host4ASP.NET hosting will get better control over their hosting. 

To be more specific, customers can receive full administrative rights, which allow them to manage their server and site inside and out. Plesk control panel one of the most popular and intuitive control panels is also included in all packages, so that customer can easily get their website, systems, backups, emails, databases, files, etc. managed. 

To make VPS hosting come with better usability, Host4ASP.NET use Hyper-V to power VPS and include more elaborate integration of Virtual Server and OS. It offers customers with full OS customization, virtual machine import and export, resource monitoring, managed services, Windows Server 2012 R2 license and instance, as well as full server control.

It is easy to tell that Host4ASP.NET is an excellent web hosting designer, offering fine-tuned, flexible and easy to use control panel and managed services within its Windows VPS hosting packages.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Hosting Is Affordable

Host4ASP.NET not only provides customers flexible Windows VPS plans, but also allows flexible billing terms. If customers are not very sure whether Host4ASP.NET is worth a try or not, they can sign up for short billing terms like 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. It is also suitable for those customers having no ample hosting budget. If they are certain to work with Host4ASP.NET, the company also has yearly, 2 years and 3 years of billing terms. 

What’s more, there is up to 33% off discount available when customers choose 3 years. For instance, its Barebone VPS package normally starts at $29.95/mo, but once customers sign up for 3 years, they can just pay $19.95/mo to save 33% off. Host4ASP.NET is famous for cheap hosting, so if customers are interested in the provider, they can check out Host4ASP.NET Coupon.

Additionally, in order to make customers satisfied here, Host4ASP.NET also provides them with 30 days money back guarantee. According to it, Customers can feel free to test Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS within the first 30 days; once they have anything unsatisfying, they can submit a cancel request to the company and receive a refund from it without any questions asked.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Hosting Performance Review

Host4ASP.NET understand the importance of hosting performance, so its Windows VPS Hosting is not only backed by top-level data center, but also high quality hardware, plus 24 hour available maintenance team on site, Host4ASP.NET ensures 99.99% uptime guarantee with its Hyper-V Windows VPS.

Let’s check out its data center features. Host4ASP.NET currently utilizes world-class US data center based in Chicago to host its customers’ VPS servers. For the physical servers in the DC, the company all uses brand-new Dell servers. In order to make the server run faster and more reliable, Host4ASP.NET takes advantage of ultra-fast SSDs and fault tolerant RAID disk arrays. 

About network and connections, the DC has 300Gbit per second connectivity to offer high redundant capacity. Also, the company collaborates with Cisco to use Cisco hardware firewall and includes dual routers for better security and reliability. 

About cooling and power supply systems, the DC is equipped with room air conditioning systems as well as UPS and automatic transfer switches. In order to further enhance the data center reliability, Host4ASP.NET also utilizes multiple hard drives, backup generators, as well as Gel battery power banks. 

24/7 server maintenance and monitoring, automated backup and safety locks are included in the data center, and all make better security for the server in it. 

Host4ASP.NET Customer Support Review

Host4ASP.NET has award-winning, responsive customer support which is open to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Host4ASP.NET customer support team’s goal is to provide its customers the best possible web hosting experience. Therefore, no matter when customers have troubles or concerns about Host4ASP.NET hosting, Host4ASP.NET customer support team is always standing by 24/7 to cope with their issues. 

Specifically, there is email, live chat and support ticket offered to customers to reach Host4ASP.NET support team. Moreover, Host4ASP.NET is striving to offer customers more and useful guides and answers customers may need in its knowledge base and company blog. Customers are always welcome here.


We have clearly analyzed Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS hosting for customers and it is evident that we also believe that Host4ASP.NET is a good Windows VPS hosting option for both developers and SMBs. Host4ASP.NET designs flexible VPS hosting plans with advanced features like SSDs and Plesk control panel, hosts VPS servers in premium US data center to offer customers 99.99% uptime guarantee, and even offer best possible customer support. Finally, considering its satisfactory discount, we think customers can have a try by taking advantage of its 30 days money back guarantee. 

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