collaborates with WHD.China for World Hosting Day

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Several weeks ago, HostUcan assisted and teamed up with WHD.China in Shanghai. The event was a big success and the HostUcan team and WHD.China will look forward to next year’s event.


WHD.china is an affiliated event to WorldHostingDays and is the perfect opportunity for up and coming established hosting providers in China. Worldwide partners such Rushfiles, GateSecure, global sign, Reseller Club and Parallels were amongst the local hosts (HostUCan) to share firsthand knowledge about the hosting industry; where it’s going; securing the cloud and the SSL revolution.

HostUCan is a global leader in the web hosting industry and they assisted with WHD.China in which CEO from HostUcan - Ray Zheng stated, “We look forward to partner with WHD.CHINA again!”

The event unites all important decision makers of the Chinese hosting and internet industry. If you didn’t make it to the event, don’t worry – we’ve posted some highlights of their presentations below so you don’t have to miss out on great information or you can visit

Yang Zang, “More and more web services and applications are rising so fast.”


Zang also stated that “With all the hype about cloud computing, which provides a more convenient, and cost effective on-line solution to businesses around the world, it is unavoidable that it might incur new security risks.”

“Innovative solutions delivering growth for your business.” – David Jacob.


David also mentioned that a lot of SMB (small-medium sized business) have continued to grow dramatically and how parallels vision is to “focus on the needs of the SMB customer as their IT spending evolves.”

Thanks to WHD.China for a great day of Web hosting solutions and great tips form the masters.

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