How Businesses Use Dedicated Servers to Boost Traffic

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Dedicated servers are the immediate needs of businesses because they allow them to manage their websites in the most cost-effective manner.  Companies that provide the best dedicated server are normally the ones that can be easily used for serving the needs of a business/company.

Dedicated hosting plan provides a large amount of bandwidth and data space for customers.  Normally when business owners start to notice an extreme increase in their website traffic, they would think about upgrading to a dedicated server plan.

For those small business or start-ups on standard web hosting plans, if they continue to stay they may surpass the bandwidth limit usage on a shared server and when users visit your website they will see the display message, “account suspended” or “bandwidth limit exceeded” will show across your webpage.

When visitors perform searches on search engines i.e. Google or Yahoo and land on your website, they will see the default message and this will make your brand look bad, indicating users to think that you close down your website or your company is very unprofessional.  Generally, most of your visitors are first timers and they’ll already have bad impression on your website if nothing shows up on your site.  In fact the search engine will be quick to de-index your site or whose hosting account is suspended.

Your website will load very fast with a dedicated server and dedicated server plans allow you 100MB/sec of bandwidth.  Meaning dedicated hosting plan customers will utilize the full limit of bandwidth.  Large websites that are usually hosted on shared server often loads and run slow. You want your visitors to navigate freely and stay on your site for long periods of time.  You don’t want them to be on a slow running website so with a dedicated server your sites traffic will increase significantly.  In addition the actual increase in your websites traffic will also surge your monthly revenue and conversion rate.

All small businesses owners that currently have shared hosting plan should really think about moving their website to a larger server. To solve this solution, you should think about buying a good and reliable dedicated server hosting plan.  With Lunarpages you can started with a dedicated hosting plan that's very affordable full have control over the aspects of your server and domain which are not possible with a shared hosting plan.

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