How can You Protect Yourself from Plagiarism Staying on the Line

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Plagiarism is a very familiar word to all the bloggers and an expert blogger should must know that what is plagiarism actually. This stuff is not at all accepted in blogging, however still many of the bloggers keep ignoring the importance of it and get involved in plagiarism kind of activity. But all the bloggers should be well aware about the result of plagiarism and should follow the every possible step in order to protect themselves from plagiarism. But before this it is vital to know what plagiarism is actually and the actual rights of a blogger.

What is plagiarism?

While most of the people think plagiarism refers to copying or borrowing something or the original ideas from others but it can be described in various ways. Such as, stealing and passing off the ideas or words of ones' to other, committing literary theft, using other's content without crediting the source and similar kind of activities. 

The rights of a blogger

If you create your own content and take the photographs in your own, there is no need to have a registered copyright or copyright notice to protect your content or images. However there are many cases where the copyright is not being violated even though your content is used by others. The cases are explained below for your better understanding.

Fair Use

Fair use allows the bloggers using your content to some extent for some of the activities like commentary, critique or parody. For example while someone is using a quote or if it is regarding a book review, the uses of content is regarded as Fair use. But the length and purpose of the content comes into consideration while determining the Fair use. 

Waived rights in social media

Ensure you do not accept any agreement with venues like YouTube, Facebook etc. to let them use your content as their own. So, check the details beforehand and the get involved with them in an agreement.

Waived right in campaigns

Sometimes you might enter into a contract with a well know brand or PR firm but before signing on the agreement make sure you have gone through all the motioned terms and it does not involve any point to use your content in their advertising purpose. 

These cases are fair and do not create violation but if you think that your content is being stolen outside the above mentioned parameters, then it’s time to take action. 

Learn how to protect yourself from plagiarism

Once you have noticed your content in someone else's website, it indicates you need to start the needed task to protect yourself from plagiarism. The first step would be to ask the site owner for taking down the content from their site and if that does not work out, the next step is to issue a takedown notice to the site owner. Here it is explained in more details.

Step 1:

The first thing that you should do as a blogger after finding your own content in someone else's site is to ask the site owner for taking down the content through a polite mail. Because the new comers in the blogging industry might not be well aware of what is plagiarism and it is definitely a good way to teach them. Also you can look for the editor or web hosting company in case that is a content sharing website. If the site owner replies you timely that is well and good but if the case is reverse and no such responses comes through, just move ahead to escalate the problem. 

Step 2:

In case the offending site remains unresponsive, issuing a takedown notice is the best job. Take down notice is nothing but a formal request for removing the stolen content by the web hosting company. is the site that can help you in this case. You can write down a formal take down notice through their help and submit it to the web hosting company. charges a flat rate or else you can also choose to pay a monthly fee to hire them which eliminate the need to hire any other lawyer to handle this issue. 

The mentioned website no doubt help you in writing the proper take down notice but still some guidelines are outlined here to help you creating a proper take down notice. 

  •  List all the facts in the letter and keep it as simple as possible.
  •  Include a subject to attract the attention of web hosting company
  •  Include your name, the company and company website
  •  Mention the URL where the stolen content was found
  •  Ask them to remove the stolen content
  •  Include a proof of your copyright

Apart from protecting yourself from the act of plagiarism, it is highly important to save your blog from being plagiarized at the same time and here are the steps to do so.

Points to remember to save your blog from being plagiarized

  • Ensure all your contents are unique which will put a big challenge to others trying to steal your content.
  • The images you add in the content should match with the text and include watermarks for better protection.
  • It is always recommended to purchase photos or else use the free stocks in your site but never go for the images found in Google search. 
  • A quote can always be used in the content but remember to credit the source. In case you are not sure about the source of the quote, contact the site owner and get the needed details. 
  • You as a blogger should have well understanding about the copyright and Fair use to stay in the line always.
  • On top of all try to be authentic and accurate as providing incorrect information from any source is also a form of plagiarism. 

So, try to follow the mentioned points and definitely you will be safe from the act of plagiarism that is defined as a serious violation with the power to demolish your website. For more useful tips, please visit

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