How Plesk Redefine Virtual Servers?

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Being famous at home and abroad, Plesk control panel has taken actions to cater to the market development trend and respond to customer needs from the beginning of the year. According to the pros and cons of virtual servers and the whole market development tendency, Plesk control panel makes deep integration with virtual servers and reshapes virtual server with its own unique advantages. Then, the next-gen virtual servers emerge with new definition -- be feature-rich, high-end, fast & stable, safe & reliable, and easy-to-use.


The first change that Plesk brings to virtual servers is the large-scale extension on features. The next-gen virtual servers can offer users everything they need.  

  • Fully functional development environment

Instant provisioning is a ready-to-go coding environment, allowing pre-installing multiple program languages such as PHP, Perl, Javascript, Ruby, Python, Java, and .NET. Plesk also comes with database management tools including phpMyAdmin, ASP.NET Enterprise Manager, phpPgAdmin, and myLittleAdmin, so users can easily manage MySQL DB, PostgreSQL DB, and Microsoft SQL Server DB. Other more, it supports for enabling or disabling all modules of Apache, and users can configure Apache and Nginx according to Plesk’s interface guide or they can set up Apache and Nginx command by themselves.

  •  Support for fast upgrading environment

In terms of version upgrading, Plesk control panel can update and deploy the latest program language environment in time, which fix the low speed and time-delay issues of traditional virtual host environment upgrades. Additionally, Plesk still remains the support for older version so as to provide more options to users.

  • Comprehensive management

Plesk “manager” can manage virtual servers from all aspects, including websites, domains, email, apps, files, databases, website users, accounts, statistics (containing transfer, disk space, FTP, data transfer, and websites), multiple security (security strategy, firewall settings, system updates, email filtering, SSL encryption, and data backups), API access, and server monitoring.


The integration of Plesk makes virtual servers get rid of low-end label, and become the high-end, next-gen virtual servers.

  • Greater compatibility with mobile devices

Plesk mobile application, Plesk Mobile now supports for accessing servers from iOS and Android mobile devices. So, users can monitor services, disks, CPU, and RAM. If necessary, users can manage domains, websites, email, web apps, web files, and databases, and even use the built-in backup manager to execute backups and make backup plans from distance.

  • Enterprise mailbox

The email offered by traditional virtual servers is limited, while the next-gen virtual server with Plesk control panel can offer users the enterprise mailbox. Besides common functions such as receiving & sending emails, email forwarding, and auto-responders, the enterprise email also supports for email address creation, email activation & deactivation, SSL certificate, anti-virus software, server-level blacklist, whitelist, and grey list, as well as SpamAssassin which is to block spam emails from the sources.

  • On-demand deployment environment

Users can customize the settings as they need within the ready-to-go development environment that Plesk has, or they can deploy a new environment. They can choose to start CGI, Python, Perl, FastCGI, SSI, and Apache ASP, and select the right PHP version and PHP processing program according to real needs. Besides, Plesk web hosting also allows them to enable current command to configure performance settings and customize other PHP parameters. Easily configure Apache and Nginx orders such as adding, removing, and configuring database, to finally adjust the best development environment for them.

  • Flexible software option

Plesk control panel has a built-in app programming module, which hundreds of apps and can be called an app ecosystem. It includes many popular CMS apps, such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Users can easily install what they need via one click. In addition, Plesk provides API access, which supports for the third-party apps, making app extension more flexible and convenient.

Fast & Stable

The virtual servers with Plesk control panel can run faster and more stable. Plesk server panel supports service solutions, and users can set the limitation on a single resource and receive cgroups feature, so that the Plesk web hosting can make the optimal resources configuration and avoid the over-selling. That’s why the performance can be improved.

Safe & Reliable

Plesk offers vertical management and monitoring to virtual servers, leaving zero chance for any risks. Users can uses Plesk to easily set up security strategy, execute system updates, customize firewall settings, carry out email filtering, use free SSL certificate to encrypt information channel, and back up and recover data. Namely, Plesk ensures virtual server’s network, system, email, and data security.

More Importantly, Plesk makes the management extremely easy, which also enhances virtual server security. Users can use Plesk to set up various security strategies to protect their server.


Plesk is famous for ease-of-use. On the one hand, it features intuitive interface with clear function settings. One the other hand, Plesk has simplified operating process, so most operations can be fulfilled by clicking a few buttons and applying templates.

Take website building as an instance: Plesk can offer users the ready-to-go environment, so if they do not have additional requirements, they can accomplish the whole website building via a few clicks and by fulfilling required information. Moreover, Plesk can realize automation to some degree. For example, regular data backups can be realized by scheduling backups. That is to say, users can set up backup settings first, and then Plesk will execute the backups on time automatically.

In a word, Plesk control panel makes virtual servers high-end, feature-rich, high-performance, secure, and easy-to-use. So, Plesk will be a critical feature to make virtual servers become the next-gen virtual servers in the cloud times. 

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