How SSL develop Customer Experience

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The customer and their sensitive information that they share on your website must remain safe with you so that the trust they have in your website remains forever. This can only happen if you have the right tools to protect the information and this can only be done with the help of SSL.

How SSL develop Customer Experience

The major problem for the websites these days is protecting the private data of their customers. The hackers are becoming more and more intelligent and technologically advanced because of which it is becoming a daunting task to keep the important data of your customers safe. This is where SSL comes into picture. Many website owners do not know how to improve customer experience with their website and the answer lies in SSL.

What is SSL?

SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. This is actually a standard technology that is being used to enhance security of the data of the users of the website with the help of encryption. If your website uses sensitive information of the users then you must take all the measures to protect that information. Generally you can come to know if the website is SSL protected or not by looking at the web browser where there would be a symbol of padlock in green colour. Most of the websites- the major ones are using this as their major security tool.

How to improve customer experience

If you want to get the trust of your customer and let them use your website without fear then you must use SSL. This security system has become a major mark of security among the people who buy products and services online. In fact if the website does not have this green padlock symbol, users will not even visit those sites. This is especially important for the online retailers that they gain the trust of their customers. It is only when you have the trust of your customers that your business will be able to provide a positive experience to your customers and this will be able to grow.

How is the information secured?

The SSL is able to secure information by encryption. The sensitive information is most vulnerable during the time it is transiting through internet. When you send some information to the other website your information remains suspended in the World Wide Web unsecured. The hackers try to intercept the information at this point of time between the sender and the receiver. If the information gets hacked during transit you will not even come to know of hacking. It is only when you lose your money or important files that you will know your information was hacked. This is therefore very important that while you are sending your sensitive information over World Wide Web it remains protected. So, the SSL does the needful by sending an encrypted form of information that gets back to the right format when it reaches the destination. But, during the transit even if someone hacks this encrypted information it would not be of any use because of the haphazard manner in which it is arranged.

Why one must choose SSL?

SSL is a great choice for securing your data, whether it is your website that needs to secure its operations and various corporate communication platforms or it is securing the communications made through email. Also, SSL helps you secure server to server connections and any mails sent to server connections.

However, these are just evident security cover that SSL gives you while there are many other not so evident security covers that SSL provides to you such as

  • Content injection: if an ISP is trying to insert an extra cookie or for that matter any ads on to your site, it is prevented by SSL. Even if a hotspot does that SSL prevents that from happening too. This improves the experience of the user.
  • Man in the middle attacks: these attacks are taken care of by SSL.
  • Spoofing: this again is prevented by SSL by asking for an SSL certificate thus making the attack highly difficult.

The users, however, become more relaxed to shop at your website when see the symbol of SSL protection and thus spend more time and money on your website.

Are all the SSL certificates same?

Well, this is true that not all the certificate providers are the same because not all of them go through the extensive verification process. Most of them would just use the automated system for verification. But, it must be noted that it is always important to have some human intervention in the review for security process. This would also include the verification of identity. You must choose only the company that does rigorous verification of identity before giving the certificate.

Advantages of SSL certificate

Trust of the users: There is no doubt that the SSL certificate increases the trust of the customer in you and your website.

Repeat customer: The websites that have SSL certificate know how to improve customer experience and provide good service. That is why they are visited by the customers again and again.

Higher rank in the search engine: Those websites that have SSL certificate not only have increased number of customers but are also ranked higher in the search engine ranking. So it is a good step to go in for SSL certificate as soon as possible.

Representative of your foresightedness: When a website goes in for SSL certificate, it demonstrates the will to stay for a longer period of time and that they value the customers and their privacy. The websites show that they care for not only their profit but also for the wellbeing of their customers. This foresightedness goes a long way in making a good impression on your customers.

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It can be learned from this professional introduction what is SSL, how SSL improves customer service, advantages of SSL, whether I need SSL, and how to choose SSL. Then I come to a conclusion that I need SSL to protect private information from being stolen. Also, this will be a greater chance for my website to get a higher ranking in search engines.