How to Back Up Data in the Cloud Storage

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The data backup is one thing that you must do in order to protect your important files in case there is any kind of hard drive crash experienced in your PC or in the external hard drive. By having the best cloud storage backup you can actually save yourself from a lot of pain and agony. The best backup strategy will be to not to rely only on one backup method. Rather you should opt for redundancy and use various locations to back up your data.

What is the best method of back up?

The best method of back up is an external hard drive or a local DVD that will store your data safely. But, you must not rely on these devices because if at all these devices come in contact with high heat they may just go corrupt and be destroyed. So, you must opt for an offsite location and should store your data on “the cloud”. 

There are many cloud storage providers that allow you to store your precious data in an offsite location. The cloud storage providers may give you 1 gigabyte to 5 gigabyte of cloud space for storage. But if you need more you can have more by entering into refer-a- fried programme offered by these providers or through other special promotions. But, you must not depend solely on the cloud providers for your data storage because these free service providers may any day close their services and leave your data hanging in nowhere. 

However, this scenario is not going be a reality anytime soon so you can relax and use the following simple steps to use the best cloud storage backup as your secondary storage backup.

Know about your needs: you must know about your needs so that you can select the best cloud storage backup from various service providers. Different cloud-based providers have different ways of providing you with storage space. Some may have only a limited space while others may impose restrictions on how their greater storage space can be utilized. Also, there could be restrictions on the size of one file that can be stored. There are comparison tables present on Wikipedia and you can utilize that to consider which cloud storage provider is actually the best for you.

You must also see if the cloud storage provider is reliable and going to provide services for a long time. The amount of free storage that the provider is offering is one of the primary things that you must consider next because if they are not able to provide you with long term storage option then you will lose your data anyway. The other thing that you must consider before option for the services of the cloud storage provider is their privacy policy as it will ensure the security of your data.

You must also check if the storage provider has ever been hacked. This will give you an idea about the security of your data once you entrust them with your important data. Some of the service providers may delete the data of the users who do not access their account at regular intervals. You must know about this and must make your decision depending on that.

If you are creating an account with the best cloud storage backup then you must make sure that the account is fool proof. This can be done by making a very strong password for your account on cloud storage. There are many other features that are offered to you by the account on cloud storage such as 2-factor authentication that you should use to increase the security of your data.

One thing that you must do before moving it to cloud is encrypting it. There are fair chances that your service provider may end up being hacked and this would mean that the data that was moved to cloud can go in wrong hands. If you encrypt the data the hackers would not get anything at all even if they get access to your data. For this you can use your device’s backup tool that has option of encryption. This is an easy way of safeguarding your data from the prying eyes on Cloud.

When you move your data on cloud you must also opt to schedule backups on a regular basis. You could opt to backup your files once every week. You should however make sure that the weekly backup is done only for the files that are new so that there is no repetition of data.

You must also check to see if the backups are in working condition because it would come as a shock that the files you thought you backed up lies as it is and in case of crashing of your device you end up losing everything that you had saved for years. For this you must not just see the log and be satisfied. Instead, you must open each and every file and see if it is in it real form. This will not only give you peace of mind but also will ensure that the files are safe enough.

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