How to backup vBulletin site

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Taking the backup is a very important task when maintaining a web site, the same is true for vBulletin. To do it, what you really need to execute is to backup MySQL database used by vBulletin and your files & folders inside your vBulletin installation.

Backup MySQL Database

The backup can be taken in three methods through the admin panel of the forum, control panel provided by your vBulletin hosting or manually.

Backup vBulletin in Admin Panel

Here are the steps you could follow to backup data of vBulletin:

  1. {vBulletin}/forums/admincp/index.php
  2. Once you have reached this section you need to expand the Maintenance link provided mostly at the left hand side corner menu section.
  3. Under the Maintenance area you can find the Database backup link. On clicking this link you shall get two choices Firstly, an option that lets you include tables in the back up to that location where the output of the intended tables are stored. Secondly, an option to take a backup of the whole database onto the server. You can choose either of these. To decide which one to choose from you can depend on the size of the forum. If the forum size is large then the second option shall be the most effective one to choose.
  4. Now you can choose a directory where you would like to save the backup or you can save it in the default area by just clicking save. Keep in mind, the directory here is in your server, not the local one.
  5. Download Backup File to Local by using FTP tool or file manager provided in control panel.

Backup vBulletin using phpMyAdmin or Manually

As vBulletin use MySQL database, to backup it, you could just follow the guide in How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database.

Backup Files&Folders inside vBulletin Installation

This is to backup source code, profile pictures, avatars, and language files used by vBulletin. You could do it using FTP tools.

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