How to Become an Authority in Your Field

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A blogger can't be more than happy when all his visitors come to the site and end up buying all the products recommended by him. Unfortunately this reality hardly happens with anyone but luckily there is ways to make it a reality and this is by gaining people's trust and building your reputation and definitely for this to make happen you need to become an authority in your field. It's about becoming authority in a particular subject. So, how to become an authority in your field is the question arise in many minds and we will define it here. 

But before that it is vital to be aware of the actual advantages of being an authority. 

Advantages of being an authority

Being an authority is nothing but building your reputation where people will be highly influenced by you. The key advantages of authority are explained here.

Win the trust 

When you win the trust of people, half of the job gets completed much easily, the reason is even though people do not know you personally but their trust towards you will push them to buy the products recommended by you. 

Earn well in advance

Another advantage of being an authority is that it widens the way of your earning. Well known and expert bloggers can easily win some contract beforehand through the blog and working with others.

Get a chance to talk to the local TV

The local TV shows keeps calling the bloggers whether small or big to talk on a particular topic. So, those who have established themselves as an authority can grab that opportunity as well. 

Speak in the conference

Not just in the local TV shows rather you can speak at the conference as well if you have good connections. 

So, with all these benefits every bloggers will be highly eager to become an authority and if you too are interested in the same, know here how to become an authority in your field. 

How to become an authority in your field:

  • Becoming an authority is not a easy and simple task rather you as a blogger need to follow various rules to build your credentials and all the possible ways to do so are listed here. 
  • Try making your presence everywhere. The more visible you will be, it will be better for you. So, attend all the conference, stay online and things will be much easy for you.
  • Speak out in all the possible events, be it new or small. Speaking skills can be improved even more using periscope, Facebook live and Blab like apps. But do not become pushy and share your true knowledge to help people know what actually you are. Become a passionate adviser. 
  • Ensure your contents are diversified and they include video, infographics, social media, long form etc.
  • The number of engaging followers is to be increased and for this improve your reach. Make use of email subscribers and social media to reach as many as possible in less time.
  • Working for free is something what no one will be interested in, but do not charge more, rather charge what you deserve. 
  • You can always cut jokes to influence people but that should be in limit and in good sense as well. Also do not involve the politician or other well known name during your jokes or else do not underestimate others as you never know if they are planning to revenge by ruining your reputation. 
  • Plagiarism is one such important thing about which all the bloggers should be well aware. Never copy other's content and if any quote is used in your blog, credit the source. Also try buying the images rather than finding it from Google search. 
  • The content should be unique and correct from all aspects. For example perfectly check for grammars and spelling mistakes and when it comes to images and videos in the content, ensure they are clear enough and have proper lighting, background, shadow etc. 
  • Do not hide the fact if you are influenced by someone rather go ahead to share it publicly and thank your influencer by tagging him in social media. 
  • As many as conference you can attend, this is good for you. Try finding your tribe in the conference and stay in touch with them. 
  • Answer all the questions correctly and do not try answering what you actually do not know rather reach out to other people to gather the answer. 
  • Also try answering the question that no one has answered.
  • In case you have done any mistake, correct it and do not forget to acknowledge that as well.
  • Try to help your fellow bloggers, just tagging and featuring them is not enough rather pass on them all those opportunities which are not possible for you to accept.
  • Be open to help others in need and remember all are not done in exchange of money.
  • Speak up and stand up for the injustices required in your field. Whether you find some stolen content in some other's site or your fellow bloggers are being unfairly smeared by a big organization, you should go ahead to help the fellow bloggers.
  • Be respectful along with being classy in all dealings.
  • Avoid criticizing brands even if you would never work with them in future. Rather if you have some saying, go to the customer service but try not writing anything bad about that brand in social media.
  • Try to be kind with all and respond politely. But still if someone is too rude, it is best to block or delete them. 
  • You should only promote the things in which you have faith as nothing can be done with having some dilemma in mind.
  • Always be unique in the field. You can use any criteria for doing so, such as your age, location, the way you do job, your income etc.
  • Webinars are the great opportunity to build following and share your expertise. So create webinars. 
  • There should be good balance with the blog and social media and if you always try something to sell, people will just go away. 
  • Once you get the real and loyal customer, serve them as well as you can.
  • Have faith in you. Do not think yourself as small or a novice rather keep gathering experience and you will soon become an authority in your field.
  • Keep working and learning. It takes bit time to get the success. Also do not run behind any such schemes that says get rich soon or get traffic rather invest your time and effort, success will come to you soon. 

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