How to Buy a Registered Domain?

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You might have heard that people are investing money on the registered domain. They buy already registered domain names without any website. Buying the registered domain has grown up to be a secondary market in the domain and TLD's marketplace. This article explains it all.

Why buy the registered domain?

First thing comes first; here is why you should consider buying the registered domains, at all. Registering domain names are tricky and challenging. There is a competition for good domain names. Easy to remember, catchy and brandable domain names make your online presence easier. It helps in achieving your objectives and improves your return rate of investment.

  • Registered domain names are easy to come by
  • They are more memorable
  • They are more brandable
  • They return better responsiveness
  • They can create the punch of conversion
  • They increase the ROI

If you understood the advantages of buying registered domains, then your next step will be learning how the domain value measures.

How to measure the domain value?

Domain values are determined based on multiple criteria. It can include traffic worth, search rank, domain prominence and such factors. Luckily none are assumptions based, all these measurement metrics are data driven. If you know the stock market, the NASDAQ, NYSE etc; and then you can realize that the domain market fluctuates similarly. There is a positive relation between stock market and the registered domains. Here are few facts that can give you the important clue about measuring the domain value.

  1. As all the positive indicators rise for any economy, the domain prices go up
  2. In 2013 the average weekly transaction on two prominent register domain’s market place, namely the and the amounted to 2.3 million US$
  3. The average yearly worth of registered domain market is 84.4 million US$
  4. Three factors impact the price: the keyword, organic search traffic, and search engine rank
  5. High priced domains are of high commercial value
  6. For individual domain’s the average sales figure runs between 5K to 80K US$
  7. The .com TLD based domains with popular keyword prices start from 9K US$
  8. com is the leading marketplace for buying and selling registered domains, followed by other players like,, and
  9. The highly valued domain names include home loans, criminal lawyer, cash, bank, fund, business software, coffee machine, health service niches
  10. Few top performing registered domains sale value included for 5 million, for 7.5 million, for 10 million, for 13 million and for 16 million US$.

Checking the domain before buying it

While the last section detailed on how to determine the value of domain you wish to buy, this section is all about checking the domain before buying it. Assessing the domain value itself will not help. You need to check the status of the domain. Here is how to test a domain before buying it.

  • Run a Google site search, citing your site as site: This will let you know the domain status using the Google Penalty Tool. Select that domain which is not penalized by Google.
  • Use the’s Way back Machine service to explore the past content and industry affiliation of the website.
  • Try the domain name search to see if the reputation is intact or not. A complaint filed for any domain name can damage your business. So, alternate your search with different keywords, domain combinations and on different search engines.
  • com lists records of domain ownership. This part is very crucial and can give you lots of helpful information on the domain history.

What types of domains are important to you?

ICANN’s recent customization of TLD’s has enabled many businesses to get their desired domain names. Still, it could not ensure the full game for your business. You need to get those domains that are important to you. Do you know which those domains are?

  1. Domains with your company name
  2. Domains with your trademark term
  3. Domains with your product or service name
  4. Domains with your name, acronym, and wrong spelling
  5. Domains that you do not want your competitor to buy

How to buy a registered domain?

It is simple, go to a domain's aftermarket marketplace, and target a few domains that relate to your case, do your valuation and checking, rank your results; go after the one that best fits you. Make the payment and get the domain registered per your name. can protect your payment if you are not sure to making advance payment on PayPal to the seller. Your escrow funds will only be released when you confirm the handover of the ownership. It can also be programmed. It’s a third party payment security arrangement and very popular. Use to see which domains are going to expire in the new couple of hours and in coming days. helps you to register your expiring domains. Globally 20K domains expire each day and you can easily skip your online marketing costs.


Getting the right domain creates the strategic advantage for your business and makes you more competitive to your competition. It helps in achieving your marketing goals faster. Get the registered domain to reap all these benefits. Take the advantage of used domains and make it all happen to you. Registered domain means easy money, faster growth of customer and more profits. Enjoy.

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