How to Come Up with a Right Keyword Plan

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The keyword is an essential part of blogging. It helps in improving your website rankings on search engines and your competition in the marketplace, when you come with a right keyword plan.

What’s a right keyword plan then?

Simply put, for business demands, a right keyword plan can attract more traffic and improve convert rates. You can gain more profits by making good use of a right keyword plan. For other demands, such as social sharing, a right keyword plan can help you reach your goal, like sharing something with others.

In a word, a right keyword plan is to keep your website run in a right direction and keep competitive.

So, you need a right keyword plan for your website. But how? This is our topic today that sort out 4 ways to come up with a right keyword plan. Now, follow us and learn which way works best for you.

Come Up with Keywords by Google Search and Google Keyword Planner

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. We love it too! It not only provides an ocean of information, but also allows you to search right keywords.

One big reason for people trusting Google and preferring using it is accurate results it gives. It has an advance system to understand what people really need by receiving words people type. Thereby, it displays results and related hot keywords people may demand. In the end, you will have a list of useful keywords by coming up with one firstly.

Here’s how you can do with Google for find more keywords:

1. Type some keywords you come up with in Google, like blog;

2. In drop-down list, you will see a list of related keywords that others search too, like popular blogs, best blog sites, create blog and free blog in this case;

3. Scroll down to the bottom where you will Searches related to keyword, like blog search, blog websites, fashion blog, etc.

With a list of keywords now, you need to select a right one or several ones while Google Keyword Planner helps. And it is simple. Find Google Keyword Planner inside Google Adwords, and check search volume of each keyword. In most cases, a keyword with more than 400 volumes, the word is great for bringing you traffic and thus improving conversions.

Come Up with Keywords via Google Trends

Google Trends has been there for a while. However, some people still do not know that it could be used for search a right keyword plan.

Firstly, Google Trends offer topics in trending these days, from which you may find right ones for your websites. For example, when we write this post, we check out trends in United States on Sunday, May 29, 2016 like the following:

If you have a blog with the niche on Indy, then you can easily get keywords including Indy 500, and use it in your blog posts or other content. We are sure that the keyword will lead a lot of traffic to your site.

Google Trends has Explore function. That being said, you can enter a keyword and get a result page of interest over time, regional interest, and related searches. Yes, like using Google search, you can get a list of keywords by using Google Trends. The difference lies in Google Trends separating the keywords into top, rising and breakout.

According to the definition given by Google, top searches are the frequently searched words related to your keyword. Rising searches are some words with the significant growth, displaying with percentages. You can also breakout instead of percentage below the rising list, and the breakout words define the term with over 5000% search growth.

We also enter keyword blog and get related searches from Google Trends as following:

Please note that you can change locations, time ranges, categories and search ranges to get different related searches. Also, you can add new terms to compare their difference in these terms. If you do not enter any word in Google Trends explore bar, you will see the overall top and rising searches too.

Come Up with Keywords from Forums

Forums are great places to communicate with others and exchange ideas. Meanwhile, due to rich information there, forums are awesome to find right keywords if you make good use of them. Here’s the guide for you to pick up right keywords from forums.

1. Access top forums in your niche. For example, if you have a blog on ASP.NET sites, is the best recommendation for you.

2. Skim through questions in the forum and find common ones related to your blog, such as ASP.NET site performance. These questions are from real users and putting them as your topic will bring you traffic without any doubt.

3. Select keywords that could covert visitors to your customers.

Come Up with Keywords from Competitors

It’s essential to study your competitors. See what they are doing, which keywords they use, how they use keywords, etc. As a matter of fact, many websites take off from imitating premium websites in their niches.

When you know keywords that your competitors use and how they use, you can move into the next step, which is creating better content with the keywords. So, that post in your website is able to compete with the original one in search engines. Another way is to recreate the keyword by searching similar keywords via Google search and the Keyword Planner or Google Trends.

Which One Works Best?

Above 4 ways are great to come up with a right keyword plan. You can try everyone to see which one is best for you while it’s recommendable to combine 2 or 3 or 4, since each method has its strengths.

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