How to Build a Landing Page in WordPress (for Beginners)

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Having a beautiful landing page on site can mostly grab the attention of visitors as well as their information such as email address through a lead from. In fact, a landing page is designed to capture specific visitors depending on your products.

Squeeze pages can be the landing page on your site for redirecting traffic to your main website. Actually, you can have more than one landing page to meet your demands. It is reported that more landing pages can help you get more leads possibly.

For example, if you are making email campaign for your new products, you can use your email campaign to redirect traffic to a unique landing page for the specific product. It can also be used to promote any service or product through email or some other means. The core is to build up a special landing page for each campaign you are to launch. 

About Landing Page

For those newbies, they must be frustrated because they cannot find any written rules defining 

The landing page, which makes they have no idea about it at all. However, with years of experimenting with various styles of landing pages, we have some things obtained and there are several aspects to consider when creating a landing page. The following points are most important:

  • Specificity: Your landing page design has to be purposeful. You must understand what the landing page should include for you specific purpose. For example, if you are to provide free information for a user just signing up on it, what are you to obtain via this lead?
  • Benefits: The benefits are not for you but for your visitors. Your landing page has to tell your visitors what they can benefit from your offer, and then it can catch their attention and promote your conversion rate as well.  
  • Urgency: If your landing page includes the sense of urgency, it will give visitors the feeling that your offer is only available within limited period. Similarly, your landing page can give your more conversions.
  • Conversion: We have mentioned the word, conversion, many times. It is really important to your site. It means your landing page also has the responsibility to increase the rate. But how? Your landing page can convince your visitors about your offer, and make the simple lead conversion only!

How to Create Landing Pages in WordPress

It is well-know that WordPress is extremely easy to use, so for creating landing pages, it can provide different methods to create great landing pages. In this guide, we will talk about two common ways for those users having little coding knowledge. 

Tip 1: Create a Landing Page Using a WordPress Theme

WordPress comes with plenty of WordPress themes, and many themes are specifically designed for building up wonderful landing pages more easily. Those one-page themes usually come with great features like local scrolling, feature boxes, eye-catching sliders, and others, making creating your own landing pages effortlessly. We have several good WordPress themes for landing page creation recommended.

Zerif Pro

This is the advanced edition of the single page business theme, Zerif Lite, popular in the market. This premium Zerif Pro includes much easy-to-use functionality for easily building up a wonderful site, such as drag-and-drop page blocks, customizable colors, sliders, Site Origin page editor, and so on. These make Zerif Pro a good option to create amazing landing page.

Total WordPress Theme

This WordPress must often appear in front of you, which is a really great theme for landing page creation, with more than 40 quick start demos. To be specific, Total WordPress Theme includes 500+ live theme Customizer options for page, widths, fonts and colors for designing, 100 page editor elements, easy-to-use drag-and-drop page editor, custom types for posts like staff, testimonials and portfolio, and customization options for header as well as footer. In a word, it offers you unlimited possibilities to build with the theme.


This single-page them is originally designed for those freelance developers, designers, photographers as well as other creative. It comes with a simple modular layout which is specifically designed for add page sections as well as showing some important information such as previous work, services, contact information, etc. 


The WordPress theme is a simple business theme for creating a one-page website. It comes with redundant features for showcasing important information with icon boxes, testimonials, callouts etc. for your own landing page. 

WP Singular

This WordPress theme has a simple page editor, unlimited colors, Google fonts, custom widgets, ajaxed, and so on. These features can help you easily create a stunning landing page for promoting your services or products. 

These WordPress themes are just our favorites, but if you have better options, that is okay! Just decide your WordPress theme used to create your landing pages at first. Then, download, install and activate it for starting! 

In order to add the theme to your site, you need to proceed to “Appearance >> Themes >> Add New”. Then, you can choose to click on “Upload” link so as to install the theme from other place or just browse a wonderful free WordPress theme from the repository.

Now, we will take theme Zerif Lite as our instance to illustrate the whole process of creating landing pages with a WordPress theme. After installing and activating the WordPress theme, you can start.

Many single-page themes offer a “home” page template to make easy start. So, you need to go to “Page >> Add New” to use the template. You are required to offer a name for the new page just added, and choose the page template in “Page Attribute” part in sidebar. For the Zerif Lite, its home page template is Frontpage. After that, you can publish your new added page. 

After the page published, you can start to set up it as the front page to make it be displayed when there are visitors coming to your URL. For this, you just need find “Reading” under “Setting” menu. In the “Reading Settings” page, you can choose the page just published under “Front page displays” and then select “A static page”. Finally, click on “Save Changes”.

Then, we can move to customize the content of your landing page. You can find theme options in Zerif Lite Customizer which is under “Frontpage Sections”. Or you can just edit the page content via a blue pencil icon. Once you have done, you remember to save your content. Your landing page is now ready!

Tip 2: Create a Landing Page Using WordPress Plugins

The second easy way is to create your landing page by using WordPress plugins. As we all know, there are plenty of WordPress plugins out there which are both premium and free. Besides, these WordPress themes work in a similar way and typically, they all have a series of landing page templates offered to meet different purposes.

Once you installed and activated your WordPress plugins, you can use its settings page to manage the page customizations. Even better, some plugins includes 3rd-party extensions in which you can make further customizations and functionality for your landing page, via filters, actions, and hooks. 

There are some notable plugins for landing pages, and you can take theme into consideration, including WordPress Landing Pages, Thrive Landing Pages, Optimize Press, and Parallax Gravity Landing Pages. Besides, we also have some common page building WordPress plugins, like Elementor, Beaver Builder and Visual Composer. 

Before we introduce the methods to use WordPress plugins to create a landing page, you have to know that you should firstly install and activate compatible themes for these plugins. In general, most WordPress themes will have no this trouble with your landing page building plugin. However, if you can find a WordPress that is perfectly compatible with your selected plugin, it must be best. 

Here we will use Visual Compose with the Total WordPress theme as our example to explain how to create a landing page using WordPress plugins.

Firstly, go to check whether your WordPress theme includes the prompts. If not, you need to view its documentation to look for the ways of installing those included plugins. On the other hand, if you have already bought a page builder, you can directly visit the “Plugins” page, find “Add New” >> “Upload Plugins” as so to install as well as activate the page builder. 

Once the plugin was activated, you can go to the “Pages”>> “Add New” to get started.

The Total WordPress theme just includes an option for the “Landing Page” template. When you are creating a page, it will remove the footer and header sections that better fit for those the website with multiple pages. You just need to save your page just added if you are to choose a template. 

Once the page is ready, you can start to build your landing page with a landing page template. Using Visual Composer, now you will have an option to utilize its live frontend or backend editor. The Total completely supports frontend editor, so we also recommend you to use the frontend editor which allows you to see all elements you are building. There is one thing to mention is that remember to click on “Update” or “Publish” the page you just finished. 

After that, you can start setting the front page for your page. For this, you need to go through the process: “Settings” >> “Reading” >> “Front page displays” >> “A static page” and then choose new homepage. For those using Total WordPress theme, you can get an option to import the re-made landing page to start. You can find plenty of imports in the section of “Theme Panel” >> “Demo importer”.


Click it on to start importing. The Total WordPress theme will help you install as well as activate these plugins asking for specific demos that you are to import.

When importing, you are allowed to import images, XML content, widgets, sliders, and theme customizer settings. Once the process is done, you can start editing and customizing your to the linking. 

If you have things to change, you need to go to the target page, and press the option “Edit with Page Builder”. It can start the front-end editor, in which you just need to point as well as click to start editing. When you are done, click on “Update” to keep your changes. Now, you landing page settings should be all done.


To create landing pages has other ways, but for beginners we only take the two easy ways as instances to illustrate the process. We hope you can learn the easy ways well so as to create stunning landing pages for your own. We welcome you to recommend more easy-to-use landing page plugins for WordPress and other free as well as premium landing page WordPress themes to others.

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2018-04-24 15:15
Creating a landing page is a more complicated task if I have to deal with codes. It is appreciated that there are many exclusive plugins in the market. Personally speaking, Beaver Builder is more advised to beginners on the evaluation of flexibility, ease of use, and design possibilities. Have tried many plugins, this one gives me the deepest impression. 
2018-05-10 09:42
I want to attract more interest in my products with the creation of a landing page. In the middle sea of themes and plugins, I lost my way to find a proper one. It is a good thing to find the directions thanks to your recommendations. But it could be better if you can tell them apart and give an exact advice. 
2018-06-21 16:55
I'm using the theme which lacks the options needed to create a landing page quickly. So I want a landing page plugin to do me a favor. I have the need to create my own layout, add CAT buttons, and more. But I only know a little about code skills. The easiest way for me is to rely on an exclusive plugin.