How To Design An Appealing Website With Photography

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A photo might be worth a thousand words. In a website the use of photography is a major factor to excite our sense of sight. Indeed, great photography has the power not only to anchor a visually appealing design but also tell the right story, trigger the desired emotions, and enhance the content. In the year 2014, it is also a strong trend to opt for photography background single-page website.

It is not so easy to harness the power of photography. When we use them, it comes with some common caveats, such as, improper choice of background photography always distracts a user’s attention in a cluttered visual landscape. So how can we balance the highly visual and the content, and use it in a big way?

Pick out the right photos

Of course, photos that taken by ourselves are preferred or if we have the budget we can also have professional photographers do specific shoots to get a shot we need. These photos may be more linked to our inclination. Choose simple typography and straightforward ones for the best results. When it comes to some content that is a little bit less tangible such as insurance , we may use photos that are symbolically linked. Stock photography is a last but no least choice. There are some websites offering high quality photography, such as WallBase,deviantART,Flickr,500px .

Not having photos as a part of your design is better than trying to work with bad photos.

Deal with the picked ones

We usually need to refresh the photos for better use. For example, we get a right photo and it is not so perfect. What should we do then? Let’s shift our focus from “the whole” to the details and back again, and there may be great findings.

There are some efficient methods to deal with imperfect photos for better results.

Crop stuff that is excursive, so that what is left is a stronger. Sometimes in a photo, it is a finite area that highlights the subject. So crop out the surroundings and focus on one hot area when it needs to. In the blacknegative, in order to strengthen the influence of investors, the designer gives us a big face cropping.


Consider of composition of the photo, so that our design is more rhythmic. Composition usually leads the visual flow of the page. Especially when it comes to work with text and photos. It provides a logical sequence of reading the page.  Workdiary shows how the photo leads you from the body language or eyes of the person to the text.


Zoom in to make thing bigger than itself in life, so that details delight eyes. When we are not sure what works, consider going big and locate the details. The amplified little things will grab users’ eyes.


Sometimes blur is more appealing. Blur is a wise way to balance the dull flat background and a showy colorful photo.


Change the color of photo to get a brand new feeling. As we all know, we can change the tone of a photo by changing its color. When it comes to the state that it seems the raw photo is in a weird way or feeling matching the subject, we can try to change the color of the photo with the instrument Adobe Photoshop or something. Monochrome is good choice.


Deal with the relationship between photos and other elements

After integrating photos as background or banner into our page, there will be relationship between photos and other elements coming into being then. We may need to balance the visual and the content stuff attentively.

It always comes to the text thing, because usability comes first. Make sure that the photo and other elements have the right kind of contrast. If you have a photo with dark background, choose the white or light colored text. If your photo has a light background, a dark-colored type treatment is preferred. In a word, text varies in color however enough to be readable.


Besides the color, the size of text also counts. For example, the packdog website,the type is big and thin, however all elements work together in harmony.



When photos contain lots of color or differences between light and dark sections, we may try to put text in an independent frame so that the content can stand out immediately. Consider the shape of the frames. It depends on the whole feeling of our website. We may use a circle frame with some transparency for a softer feeling .


The use of color casting over photos is becoming more popular. Opt for the overlay color that is high visual interest or just use your brand color. The casting may be transparent, so that we can see the photo through it and also the text is easy to read. We may have to experiment with several transparencies to make a final decision.


Photography is shown as decorative element above, besides, they can also make great content when they show with non-visual elements such as text or audio. Photos can break up the visual monotony, and help users to identify the contents easily.


Make full use of photography can bring us a stunning design!


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