How to design SEO friendly website?

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Most of the internet users prefer using a search engine rather than directly visiting the website. For instance, if you want to download a song, you can search it on google or other search engine to get the best results including various websites to download the song. Thus, if you have a newly launched website, it is necessary to have a SEO friendly web design, it will definitely help your website to get a nice rank in search engine results, and you website will eventually get higher traffic. You can use SEO strategies to make your website eligible for a good search engine index and make it appear on the very first page of the search results. 

For designing such a website, you need to know some good SEO strategies to provide your website with a nice SEO friendly web design. Here we are providing a basic knowledge base that will help you a lot to make your website SEO friendly. 

On-Page Techniques:

These on-page strategies are mainly controlled by the builder or the owner of the website. These techniques play a huge role in index ranking without harming the design and other features of the website. These techniques can include following:

  • You should use a site map. It will help you to find glitches in the website. You can do it before you launch the website.
  • Content of your website matters a lot. Using relevant and creative content will leave you with an optimized website that holds a SEO friendly web design. It also matters for the visitors a lot.
  • An internal link system should be created to make you website appear high on search engine results.
  • You should design information architecture for your website.
  • A URL structure should be created that is accepted by most search engine. They are also easy for users to remember.
  • You should use correct titles and description tags correctly. It will help the search engine to find your website easily, compared to un-optimized website. 
  • You can review your website content and select right keywords from them, which are spread equally in the content.

Off-page Techniques:

Here are some off-page optimization techniques than are not directly visible to the visitors of the website, still they help you a lot to get a nice index rank for a search engine result.

  • In bound links can be obtained from websites that have a good rank in search engine result.
  • Keyword rich anchor text is also good to use.
  • For inbound link that you have already obtained, you can use contextual reference.
  • You can conduct a research for keywords. It will help you to figure out how you can use the keyword most effectively for your campaigns.

The main goal of SEO services is to provide a website with best SEO friendly web design, which helps any website owner to achieve good traffic over the internet and accomplish his marketing goals. 

Categories of SEO techniques:

These techniques are generally divided into two categories, white hat techniques and black hat techniques.  White hat techniques are accepted by all the search engines. All the techniques mentioned above are white hat SEO techniques. They will help you to acquire a good index rank without causing any penalties by the search engine. They are not blocked by any search engine. Thus using these techniques is strongly recommended to use them to get the best SEO friendly web design for your website. Black hat techniques are not accepted. They will cause your website penalties by search engines, which will result as lower index rank or even complete vanishing from search results. 

Here we provide a list of some black hat techniques that were wildly used in past times:

  • Cloaking
  • Link farming
  • Getaways and mirror web pages
  • Hidden links and contents
  • Duplicate content
  • Keyword spamming
  • Hiding inbound links
  • Duplicate URLs
  • Using irrelevant content and un-optimized keywords

These techniques were wildly used to achieve high ranking without waiting for long period. Most of the search engines updated their architecture to tackle with these techniques. They updated their algorithm to easily identify this kind of website and thus they are marked as spam and inappropriate content. These techniques will surely provide you a high bounce rate of visitors, but as soon as it gets detected by the search engine [it won’t take too long to happen], your website will be deleted from their database, and won’t appear in any search query. Thus, it is not recommended to use any among them.

In the end we will leave you some quick tips to get provide your website with SEO friendly web design.

Tips for SEO friendly web design:

1. Think before you write:

Try to make sure that your content is relevant and appropriate for the heading. Try to spread the selected keywords all over the content. It will help you a lot.

2. Write down structure of your website:

Include your website structure in your site as a site map. It helps the search engine a lot to quickly reach your website. 

3. Use paragraph and headings:

Don’t start a new sentence on new line just because it looks nice. Try to divide your content in technical paragraphs. Make sure the heading you use describes the content effectively.

4. Optimize the length:

Don’t make your content too long. Keep in mind that if your webpage is not fully scanned within 3 or maybe 4 seconds, the search engine will directly ignore it in the query result.

5. Keep linking:

If you have mentioned about your content or webpage in on previous webpage or content, make sure to link them with a reference. When a page appears in a search result, the linked content will appear too.

If you are planning to launch a new website, you will need to work hard to build a regular audience and hold it up. These techniques will help you to provide a startup for you website.

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