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Website builders are tools that allow customers to create websites without technical skills like manual code editing. There are two categories of website builders, one is online proprietary tools provided by web hosting companies, and the other is software which runs on a computer and create web pages offline. In this means, eCommerce tools are provided by website builders, helping customers create online stores, keep track of inventory and set up communication relationship with site visitors. For the reason that there are a lot of website builders and all of them promise to make stunning online stores in a very simple way. To help those potential customers who are confused about which website builder and which eCommerce tool to choose, analysis and suggestions will be stated in the following.

Pricing Policy

Whether the website builder is budget friendly or not may not be the most essential factor that influence your choice, but it is still necessary to take it into consideration. Going over the plans offered by all kinds of website builders, monthly pricing is usually based on annual plans, and monthly pricing will be higher if you choose month-to-month payment plans instead of year-to-year payment plans. As each website builder offers different features and different add-ons in their premium paid plans, it is not recommended to compare the prices of the plans directly. Nowadays many website builders offer premium paid plans as well as free plans. Some do not provide free plans, instead they promise that customers could sign up for the website builder and test out their websites for a time, which is usually around 15 days. Besides, premium plans of website builders sometimes include transaction fees, which turn out to be very affordable at that prices. For instance, Weebly Business plan includes no further transaction fee, but there will be a 3% transaction fee for each transaction if you choose their Free plan, Starter plan and Pro plan. In terms of Squarespace, there is a 3% transaction fee for Personal plan and a 2% transaction fee for Business plan. But if you sign up to Squarespace dedicated eCommerce plans, no transaction fees will be charged. Customers should also pay attention to money back guarantees provided by website builders because the number of days varies from one website builder to another. It is closely related to whether you can get a full refund or not.

Interface and Template

The best eCommerce website builders should provide a completely user-friendly interface that looks clear and powerful and can handle any product options you will need, various functions of which make it easy to select your desired options. A lot of website builders provide easy to use drag and drop editors for customers to create eCommerce sites in a simple and quick way. And easy to use WYSIWYG eCommerce website builders are equipped with various modules like multiple pictures, texts, videos and more elements to create the web pages of the online stores. Well-designed menus, filters and sorting options will help online store visitors minimize the amount of time it takes to search for a certain product and purchase it. For instance, Weebly includes all the basic eCommerce features that smaller stores will need. Weebly customers could import products from other services, sell both physical and digital products as well as services, customize email receipts, cancel orders and so on. Good eCommerce website builders also offer professionally designed and good looking templates that can catch online store visitors’ eyes and improve their overall shopping experience. Website builders sometimes provide both free and paid templates for customers. Customers should be careful whether the template could be edited in anywhere you want or could only be changed in several certain sections. Some templates could not be changed into another one if you have made your decision. And some templates are not mobile optimized automatically while good eCommerce website builders always offer mobile responsive templates.

Marketing Tools,Third Party Tools

Comprehensive set of marketing tools are very necessary to eCommerce sites. Take Search Engine Optimization tools as an example, good eCommerce website builders always offer SEO tools and could automatically generate SEO options for customers, not only make customers’ online stores more friendly, but also better performing as well. With SEO tools, customers’ online stores could be more noticeable on search engines, improving their rankings and attract more site visitors and potential customers. Integrating a newsletter service to online stores is another very effective marketing tool to promote products or coupons, building up active customer relationship. So many eCommerce website builders provide email marketing tools in their App stores. Some website builders have their own extensive App stores where those applications allow customers to enjoy more advanced eCommerce features to add more functionalities to online stores. These third party applications cover sales, shopping, inventory, accounting, analyzing and report, etc., making contributions to saving time and running the online stores.

Sales System

Usually good eCommerce website builders provide complete sales system to customers. First of all, the website builder you choose should satisfy your needs, offering enough inventory space and bandwidth. The best leading eCommerce website builders in the industry will provide unlimited storage and bandwidth. Website builders should be powerful enough to add as many products as possible, texts and pictures to describe the products, clear product categories and more. It is very significant that whether all the products are consistent and can be updated at any time. When it comes to going over and purchasing products, powerful shopping carts and multiple payment ways make it easier to spend money on your products. The level of customization in the whole process should be decided according to what customers need.

Safety Protocols

Customers should also pay attention to whether the eCommerce website builder offers fraud protection and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which are closely related to the protection of online store customers. Best of eCommerce website builders have managed to stay ahead by offering top website protection and payment security to keep the online marketplace and customers’ right as safe as possible.

Customer Support

Every website builders will come across problems whether it has a very good reputation or not. So it is essential to take customer support into consideration before purchasing plans of one website builder. Good website builders will promise 24/7 multiple support ways. They often provide phone support, 24/7 email support and live chat support. There are professional website builder expert right there offering help from starting creating eCommerce websites to the whole process in their support centers. What’s more, online knowledge base will provide solutions to hot problems. Online video tutorials, community forum and interaction through their social network accounts help customers to solve the problems on their own in a short time.

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