How to Find Best Windows Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Computing allows many machines to behave as one system. Other shared hosting solutions are influenced by a single machine, whereas the safety of the cloud hosting is certained by many servers. The technology of clouds helps in the easy assimilation of extra sources like RAM and enables growth in website. Some of the benefits of cloud hosting are:

There are three main types of cloud computing service providers.

1.SaaS (Software as a Service)

Providers like Office 365, Microsoft, Salesforce and Google are services which have been crafted for end users. They symbolize the end result of cloud hosting.

2.PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Services like Windows Azure which are used in the application of development to provide application, SaaS and web hosting to end users are used by the IT professionals. The IT department gets access to virtual computers hosted at the providers data centre. PaaS offers a managed Linux or Windows system of operation which will enable your company to dedicate more resources to the development and lesser to the maintenance and configuration of the OS. Basically your IT section will have less control over the OS.

3.IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Rackspace Cloud Hosting and Amazon EC2 are much like PaaS providers but the IT in IaaS has more control over the OS as compared to PaaS. Even though they don’t offer automatic updates one's business can use the infrastructure to improve and install applications just like any OS or platform.

Windows Azure 

Windows Azure is a PaaS platform and can source and control the operating system. If the applications do not require a special OS this is perfectly fine. One could deliberate on constructing, arraying, and handling cloud applications without having to think about OS patches and updates.

There are three OS choices which Windows Azure has to offer:

Web Role: 

Azure is configured to run web applications which are developed on technologies which are supported by IIS (Internet Information Service) like PHP, ASP.NET, Fast CGI, Node.js and Windows Communication Foundation.

Worker Role: 

In its worker role Azure runs service level tasks and applications that don’t need IIS. They are mostly used to execute supportive background procedures along with Web Roles and perform responsibilities like spontaneously condensing uploaded images, run scripts when anything changes in database, acquires new messages from queue and processes it.

Virtual Machine Role:

In Virtual Machine Role the customer supplies the OS by uploading a Windows Server 2008 R2 VHD Image. In contrast to the Web and Worker roles the customer is liable to keep the OS updated. 

Any language, device or framework can be used to construct applications on Windows Azure. The services and features are bared through Representational State Transfer (REST) protocols. Client libraries of Windows Azure are accessible for multiple programming languages and unconfined on open-source licence. 

If you have more than one compute services of a role working, Microsoft’s SLA guarantee 99.95% uptime.

Microsoft’s cloud storage allows you to store unstructured and structured data to be used with your Windows Azure applications or other applications through REST and controlled APIs. With the help of Windows Azure Drive feature storage could be mounted and used as virtual hard drives in your Windows Azure applications you can also shift the virtual hard drives among public and private clouds. Microsoft offers pay as go system for its services offered or you could take the six month offer for lessened rates.

Amazon EC2

Offered by Amazon services, Amazon EC2 is an IaaS platform. It offers raw substructure for the disposition of all that operating system your applications want. Amazon EC2 is responsible to regulate the OS, but its automatic patching is absent, making it your duty to update the OS.

The existing images could be imported from the existing environment. Otherwise, depending on the type of Windows OS and Linux instances could be created. You can avail the preconfigured instances with database servers, applications servers, Web servers, resource management solutions, application development environments and media servers.

Amazon has three types of purchasing methods:

  • On-demand Instances: hourly rate without any commitment
  • Reserved Instances: discounted hourly rate in which fee is paid one time with a commitment of one or three years.
  • Spot Instances: you need to bid on the price. Get an estimate of your monthly bill using Amazons calculator, there are different prices for instances running in various regions.

You need to run atleast two copies of instances in different available zones to get an uptime of 99.95%. 

Rackspace Cloud Hosting 

You get raw infrastructure with regulation over OS with Rackspace Cloud Hosting service. Automatic OS updates are encompassed with the elective Managed Service Level. You cannot upload the existing virtual machines you are using, you need to select from Linux or Windows versions which the company supports. 

For every server that Rackspace provides they charge per hourly fee depending upon the size of the server. You can use the calculator provided by the company to get an estimate of your costs. They don’t offer any free trial, yet you could create a free account and navigate through the administrative portal and learn how they operate.

Selecting a Cloud Host 

The extent of OS control required for hosting or development of application and the service which you want will help to determine the best provider. 

Windows Azure will work best for those who don’t require Linux. It supports all languages and is reasonably priced. You will never have to worry about OS updates if your application permits the use of Microsoft operating systems.

If you wish to completely control OS of Linux and Window machines but are ok in taking the responsibility to update the OS then Amazon EC2 is a strong cloud which also offers a range of other clouds more than Rackspace or Microsoft.

If you wish to regulate OS which IaaS provider delivers with combined with services which PaaS offers then Rackspace is a great choice. Rackspace has fewer features in comparison to the others and is also the most expensive of the three. 

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