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PHP is a server-side scripting language and is used to enhance and produce dynamic web pages. The PHP code is embedded into the source (html) of your website and is actually ran on the web server side rather than the browser.

Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are very popular and commonly used open source content management systems written in PHP. Many webmasters choose these platforms to build their sites, but it can be stressful choosing if you're not that experienced.

We will introduce (below) how to use HostUCan’s php hosting search tool to find the best PHP hosting for your website.

About HostUCan PHP Hosting Search Tool

HostUCan is a need-centric web hosting search and review platform and is devoted to helping people to find the best web hosting solutions based on trusted reviews from real PHP webmasters. In this article we will show an example of how to do that.

How to About HostUCan PHP Hosting Search Tool

HostUcan offers its customers two methods to find an appropriate PHP Hosting at:

Best Rated PHP Hosting

Best rated PHP hosting is designed for PHP novices or those who have limited knowledge on web hosting, the web hosts here are selected based on the overall reviews scores for PHP webmaster, which could meet the hosting needs in most cases at affordable price.

In this section, HostUCan will list out Top 5 PHP Hosting based on features, uptime, speed, and customer support from real customer reviews.


Advanced PHP Hosting Search Tool

But if you want to do the job by yourself, HostUCan also provides an advanced PHP hosting search tool. You could search for the best web hosting based on Operating system, Script, Hosting type and App Framework. Then when you’re happy with your selection click, “Search Plan”

how-to-choose-php2 HostUCan web hosting search engine will fetch back the most relevant results based on your criteria. In above case, we are looking for a web hosting to support PHP site on a shared hosting plan to run with WordPress.

According to the search for this example, BlueHost is ranked at the top for a PHP site that best suited to run WordPress on a shared hosting plan.


You could also search for BlueHost review from PHP webmasters. In HostUCan, we do all the best to offer you the information to determine whether a web host is good for your PHP site or not.

To help with your choice you can also apply filters to make your decision easier and to what fits your needs. You can filter by price, review score, Disk space, Monthly transfer etc.

When applying the filters that you want the results will show up on the page. For an example lets change the daily page view criteria to 301 - 600 PV and lets view the results:


The results of the outcome will fetch back different results; in this case Webhostinghub is top Web host:


This is why HostUCan differs from other web hosting search websites. A lot of web hosting search sites only focus on providing tools to search plan based on features and leave vital information out i.e. the most difficult part like whether this is good to the PHP site for their users or not.

HostUCan does it differently; we rank web hosting solutions based on the webmaster reviews whose websites has the closest profile specific for you, which include applications used to build websites, daily traffic, locations and etc.

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