How to Fix WordPress Secure Connection Error?

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Have you ever seen the message of “Unable to Establish Secure Connection Error” appearing on your WordPress website? It should be a very common error in WordPress and usually happens when you are attempting to updates or install a new WordPress theme or plugin from the official directory. 

For many newbies of using WordPress to create their blogs or website at first time, they are often trapped by those WordPress errors. In the tutorial below, we are to address this common WordPress error and illustrate why it occurs as well as the simple process of fixing the secure connection error. 

Why Does WordPress Secure Connection Error Occur?

It is well-known that WordPress is easy-to-use and flexible open-source software which you can use to create beautiful blogs, website, and applications. Ease of use is one of the reason that WordPress becomes so popular, and having a built-in system make it simple to manage website related things, including theme and plugins updates.

Regularly, the integrated systems checks for website updates as well as display the notifications for users like you to updates your theme or plugins to the latest version. However, to fulfill this process, your WordPress website has to connect to official site. Because there are some misconfigurations made on your WordPress hosting web server, your site is very possible to fail to connect to the official Then, WordPress management system cannot check for your plugins or theme updates or display you’re the notifications. 

That’s why your WordPress website display you’re the secure connection error when you are updating plugins or theme. In below, it is a full message of this error showing like:

After figuring out what leads to the secure connection error in your WordPress site, we can move to introduce you how to easily fix the error. 

Fix Secure Connection Error on Your WordPress Site

Actually, we have understood that your site failing to connect to web server is the reason the secure connection error occurs on your site. However, there still are different reasons or situations causing that your site fails to connect to web server. Therefore, there are different methods to fix the error. We will introduce several methods to cope with different situations and you can choose one to fix your problem. 

Hosting and Server Issues

One reason to cause the connection failure is that your shared web hosting is now under the DDoS attacks. If that, the connection between your web server and the web server will most likely timeout, and then your WordPress website will show you the secure connection error.

Facing the type of issues, your first option is to wait for minutes and you can try to complete your process again. If the secure connection error is still there, then you need to connect your WordPress hosting provider to submit support ticket for further help.

Cloud Server or VPS Hosting Connectivity Issues

Besides shared hosting issue, you may be using cloud server or VPS hosting to host your WordPress website. if your site has the secure connection error, then it is likely that your cloud server or VPS cannot connect to the because of those DNS problems. 

In that case, you have to right to point your cloud server or VPS server directly to the website’s web servers. SSH will be used to connect to your cloud server or VPS server.

SSH is an encrypted protocol, allowing you to connect to your cloud server or VPS server by utilizing those command line features. For Windows users, there is a tool named PuTTy and for Linux and Mac users, they can leverage terminal application. 

Now start to fix the issue via SSH access. Firstly, you have to get the login credentials for the account with the SSH access to your web hosting accounts. In your cPanel dashboard, you can find the information you need. Or, you can directly ask your hosting provider. 

In terminal app, you can use the command line as following to connect to your cloud server or VPS server:

Do remember that when perform the command line above, you need firstly replace the “username” with yours and use your domain name to replace “”.

Now, your web server should be connected, and you can run the next command line like this:

The command line will enable your open a file, and now you have to copy the code in below and paste in the end line of this file. 

Finally, you need to save these changes just made. Exist the editor and visit your WordPress website again, you can see if the error is solved. 

Fix Secure Connection Error in WordPress on Local Server

Another situation is that you installed WordPress on your own PC, namely local server. If that, you should have no cURL extension. With that, you can access to site for your WordPress theme and plugin updates. 

cURL extension is enabled for PHP actually. When you encounter the WordPress error on local server, then you firstly need to edit php.ini file on your PC. The file is normally located in your Xampp, WAMP or Mamp PHP folder. 

There are different situations as well. When you are using Windows computers, then you need to seek for the command line in below:

Or on Linux/Mac computers, you should look for the line like this: 

All you have to do is just to delete the semicolon in the line so as to enable the cURL extension. After doing this, please remember to save your change in the php.ini file. However, to make these changes work, you have to restart Apache web server. 

Check for Open Ports in Firewall

If you find the cURL extension is properly enabled on your PC, then you need to check for your firewall’s open ports.It is possible that your firewall on your PC is blocking those outgoing connections from your localhost to the server. 

In the case that you are using Windows computers, you need to click the “Start” button and enter “Windows Firewall” in the searching blank. Otherwise, you need to find the firewall setting by visit Mac’s “System Preferences” >> “Security & Privacy”. 

Now, you need to add the Apache to the allowed programs file of your firewall. Then, your computer firewall will allow the incoming as well as outgoing connection both. 

Finally, you need to take effect these changes in your firewall by restarting Apache. 

These methods are to address those most common issues when a WordPress secure connection error occurs. By following us, we hope you can learn from these tips and quickly solve your WordPress secure connection error to make your WordPress website continue to be beautiful with the latest versions of plugins or the beset proper theme. 

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2018-05-02 17:42
My WordPress website encountered a secure connection error. But I had no idea how to fix it until reading this article. Things are clear under your professional guidance. Especially, I have a better understanding of how to get the job done with your showcase of images. It should be quite time-consuming to come out this detailed tutorial. I have seen your professionalism.
2018-05-15 15:15
Just as what you said, I was notified with secure connection error when I wanted to update my theme. Having learned from this article, I do realize this is a common error. The solutions you provide helped me fix the error in a quick way. Looking forward to more articles which can tell how to better run a WordPress website.