How to Get a High Google Ranking for Your Website

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Every company wishes to increase their search rankings as organic search traffic has been proved to be a hauler of growth in business. But the problem is that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keeps altering and you need to be updated about the changes. It is important that you make your website the way people want to visit and read it. Here are a few ways by which you could improve your websites placement in Google ranking.

1. Title Tag

Your title has a lot of weight by adding title tag in the text between Html <Title> in the <head> part of your web page. With the use of a web editor there will be an automated insert for a title ‘new document’, you need to change it to something nice with keywords to enjoy the benefit of this feature else your website will pop-up only in results when someone is looking for ‘new document’.

2. Quality and Relevant Content 

No one wants to see irrelevant stuff on a page. If the content is not relevant no one will be interested in reading it. Good content helps in bookmarking your page. A research says content ranging from 2000-2500 words are ranked high in the search engine results.

3. Importance of Keywords and their Density 

Keywords have a lot of importance as people tend to use a certain set of words to look up something. Keeping in mind the nature of your website and will be a certain set of words which will be searched on the Search Engines, say a set of words like ‘machine A’ then the set of words is what your page should appear frequently on your website page. The Search Engines cannot draw references which is why it is vital that you place the specific words on your page. Make sure you add meaning to your page using those keyword phrases, any words put together which is not related to your content does not help. The readers are definitely not going to be impressed with something which is bad to read.

Density of the usage of the keywords also plays an important role in pushing your websites rank. Tricking the search engine by simply using it too many times does not help. A good opening with the keywords and using it once or twice is a decent way to help search engines look up your website.

4. Links 

Hyperlinks play an important role in ranking of your page. Links from and to your page are looked up by Google. It also looks up the words used in the link to define the content of your website page. Hyperlink words within the web pages for example instead of saying click here to read more you could write know more about great website and hyperlink the word. Links used from different websites to your website determine the page rank. Exchange text links from other websites which are relevant to your work. 

5. Social Networking 

Social networking websites are a good way to promote your business website. Millions of people are connected to social websites and having pages on sites including Google +definitely attracts a huge traffic. There are millions of users who are connected to Google+ so make your content interesting and select powerful titles with keywords and use interesting images.

6. Updates are Important 

Besides adding value to your website, frequently updates is considered as one of the best indicators of a relevant website. Search engines always look up for new content so keep your page fresh and you rank up with regular updates on your website.

7. Search Friendly Graphics 

By giving your websites images the attribute of <alt> you are going to make it more accessible to the visually impaired too, also giving you a chance to keep your keywords where they can be seen by Google. Make sure you don’t place the keywords just about anywhere. 

8. Make a Popular Design 

Pages in a proper sequence are definitely rated higher by Google. These are the pages which tend to get popular and Google will rank your website even higher. A good design and properly arranged pages will aid in getting your page a high rank. 

9. Search Engine Site Map 

If you find the popular search engines like Google or Bing cannot look up certain pages of your website then you could try creating a site map. A site map is specifically designed for search engines and will definitely aid in discovering the missing pages.

10. Check the Robots.txt File

Any famous search engine will read and obey a specific file known as ‘robots.txt’ file, you can regulate where search engines are permitted to go with this file. A consequence of this is you could unintentionally block the search engine from looking up certain pages on your website. Creating a robot.txt file will let the search engines index everything on your website, even if an empty robot.txt file is created with zero bytes.

11. Dynamic Pages and Google

You could link to pages which exist anywhere as Google has the ability of indexing dynamically generated pages. If you want to index a dynamically generated page all you need to do is put the link anywhere on your page. This works for all pages you want to be indexed, ensure that all the pages of your website can be looked up by atleast one link. If the links do not lead or are linked to somewhere then no one will be able to look up your page; neither people nor any search engines.

12. The Google Toolbar's Page Rank

If you think adding Google’s Toolbar to your browser could get you ‘Page Rank’, then you are probably wrong, earlier page rank was to tell you how essential Google supposed your site was. Page Rank nowadays is just one of the million factors that Google considers to rank a website. Infact they have started discouraging people from doing so. 

13.Mobile Site

The world is dependent on mobiles today and smartphones are being used to fulfil the smallest of needs. From sending emails to drafting a presentation, from texting to shopping and booking movie tickets, smartphones are completely happening. Websites with a mobile friendly interface are being ranked higher by search engines. The better your user experience of mobile is the higher you will be ranked. 

14.Don’t Use Flash 

Use of flash is common with most small companies as it is cheap and very easy to launch. Our mighty Google ranks Flash sites lower than the websites that use other platforms. Using WordPress instead would definitely boost your rang as Google highly values WordPress platforms and ranks them higher.

15.Structure of the URL 

URL is what which comes in the most important things in the list of criteria that search engines look for in order to determine page rank. You can keep the URL’s relevant and short to the keywords and topics of your website; also make sure the URLs help in classifying the website pages. 

16.Page Load Speed

Search engines like Bing and Google look for pages which load faster. The users also might not wait too long if a website takes long to open, this will increase your websites bounce rate and lessen the number of pages seen and this will negatively impact your website ranking. Some of the ways in which you could increase the speed of your page load are by reducing too many plug-ins, minimizing redirects, using a caching plug-in, optimizing image sizes and finally make sure the code is streamlined and clean. 

17.Header Tags

Properly formatted content aids in improving the user experience and will enable the reader to spend more time on your website and will make them come back for more. Sectioning your content and adding relevant header tags will make your content readable. 

18.Variety of Multimedia

Videos, images, slideshows, audios embedded in your website will leave your viewer completely satisfied. This is also a sign of quality content in your website, the search engines look for such quality websites and rank them higher on their lists. Websites using videos are known to have achieved 4.8% higher conversion rates in comparison to other websites who were at 2.9% only as they did not use websites.

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