How To Grow Your Blog Traffic?

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Blogging is an aid through which people have come to bring up a point, share information and bring awareness to people by their own personalized way. With gaining popularity and masses being interested in reading blogs, blogging has turned into a profession. The number of visitors in some of the popular blogs is too high compared to websites and these bloggers earn a lot more through their blogs rather than their old jobs. So we are here to give you an insight of the blogging world and increasing the traffic, that is blog traffic tips.

How is blogging bringing business?

Blogging is like a habit that got cultivated into a full-fledged business. Like every other business blogging is hard to breakthrough and earning is a lot more difficult. Blogging is a much tougher business compared to the real business as it involves influencing people to stay attracted and connected to the writer along with giving regular visits. The most important blog traffic tips are:

1.You have to be regular and dedicated to your schedule and posts to be a good blogger and earn attention.

2.There can be no escape from your visitors and observers. Even if you have one person following your blog earnestly, you have to be on time for them to read it. 

3.Stay true to what you write. Nobody earned respect or interest in writing false theories. Even if it fetches you crowd, they will soon be gone once they find the truth.

4.The content has to be real. Blogging has no place for copied or tampered content, not at least for business. 

5.Stay dedicated to what you write and wait because blogging is a slow influencer and only makes marks after dedicating your heart and soul into it.

Some Important Blog Traffic Tips

You might have been on schedule, sharing your content on social websites and even finding good ways keeping you motivated but every time you open your blog the meager number of people visiting your blog can be heartbreaking. If you are wondering that there is no potential in you, you surely haven’t given it your hundred percent. Blogging can be tricky in bringing the right crowd for you, let us help you with some simple guidelines.

1.Share your posts more than once: Some of you might be in a habit to create a blog post and share it on all the media channels like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. and just forget it. What about the crowd you would have missed because of the time of publishing and posting, the inability of some people not being able to see your content and other reasons. You should share your content more than once. 

a.Create a blog post

b.Share your content on social media on the same day

c.Share them again somewhere else the other day

d.Share it again on the social media after a week

This will help you to either re-attract the earlier crowd back to your blog getting hits or make many more people learn about your blog.

2.Hire influencers: Influencers are people who have a huge fan following both in the blogging and the social media and are themselves into the business. Probably hiring them to write a few blog posts for you, getting them share your content on their platform etc, will improve your visibility and hence help in creating more readers and excellent content in your blog.

3.SEO: The three powerful alphabets in the blogging world are very essential to be understood, interpreted, worked and achieved. The google tracks and the ‘search engine optimization’ techniques, the potential keywords that are mostly searched by the users and if your blog seems to have those keywords the blog shall get high in business. Thus it is necessary to frame the keywords while writing the posts to increase blog traffic.

4.Social Media Language: Make sure that the content you share on social media has catchy caption, use of hashtags, a short glimpse of the story you are going to share and a convincing picture for them to gain interest in your blog. Merely sharing the links on the social networks like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc are not going to fetch any hits. People need some catchy lines to gain attention and interest into the post.

5.Write detailed content: Make sure that the things you write are always clear, understandable and up to the mark. There should not be a blank space in the mind of the reader when reading you post. They should have a clear idea, understanding and awareness of the topic you are talking about. Feed them with the right and complete information and they shall come back to you for more.

Increasing Blog Traffic Through Personal Touch

Well blogging is indeed the flow of your ideas into multiple posts which people are reading but building a fan base is equally important to make your blog popular. If you are wondering why anyone will be your fan, well anyone can have a fan! It’s just the matter of influencing people with your thoughts and aspirations. Your blog can also gain traffic with the following personal touch activities:

  • Make sure you reply to the queries raised on the blog and give them your replies
  • Share your pictures and let them know who you are and how you look
  • Hold interactive live sessions with your readers for them to be able to connect more with you
  • Take their suggestions and write about what they demand to read
  • Once in a while hold some meet ups or get together for your fans to see you, meet you and tell you about their thoughts to you.

If you can follow these blog traffic tips on a regular basis, then your website will gain traffic for sure. For more useful tips, please visit

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