How to Improve Your Ranking on Google

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Every website master cannot skip over search engine. Instead, they try every effort to rank well in SERP, since a good majority of their website traffic comes from search engines and especially Google. However, they only find out that it is too hard to rank in the first search results page of Google. For one, Google has a complex set of algorithm, which is updated frequently and secretly. Meanwhile, there are numerous websites and counting every hour, making it more difficult for their websites to stand out on Google.  

If you are in such trouble, this article is for you, which comes to help whoever struggles to rank high on Google.

Correct Your robots.txt File

robots.txt file tells Google which pages of your website cannot be crawled. So, the first step to improve your Google ranking is to check for your robots.txt file. Does it tell Google to ignore your site? Does it contain page information that you want Google to index actually?

By browsing, you will see what you forbid Google bots to crawl. Make sure there is correct information. If certain pages happen to be there while you need them shown on Google SERP, you need to edit your robots.txt file and remove those pages. Then you might wait for those pages to be crawled again.

Use Right Keywords

Practices show that keywords play a great role in Google SERP ranking. However, we have to remind you that right keywords make sense only. We had an article discussing about how to come up with right keywords before and this article gives advice like:

1. Come up with keywords by Google Search and Google keyword plan;

2. Come up with keywords via Google Trends;

3. Come up with keywords from forums;

4. Come up with keywords from competitors.

Once you get right keywords, you can use them in your title tags, content, image alternate text, etc.

Content is Important

Google keeps a close eye on website content when it computes rankings. At present, it seems that Google prefers content with above 1,000 words. Quality is important too. Meanwhile, fresh content makes a good impression on Google. So, try to update quality website content at least 1,000 words as frequent as possible.

In addition to that, avoid duplicate content again other websites and your website. It is easy to understand duplicate content again other websites. Google penalizes websites who copy others. So, to keep pace with Google, avoid duplicate content against other websites. Meanwhile, Google does not allow duplicate content in your website either. You might think that a page has a good ranking and you can duplicate it in your site to get more traffic. Please remember, it does not bring you traffic, but Google penalty.

Increase Backlinks

Backlinks are links placed in other websites, but they direct to your website or certain page in your website. So, backlinks could grow your website traffic. For another, Google regards backlinks as votes to your website from other websites. If you have many backlinks, Google thinks that your website is quality, popular, authorized, etc. so that you can get mentioned. Then it leverages your Google ranking. But Google likes natural backlinks. Therefore, instead of paying for backlinks or leaving your website URL in comments of other websites, you can follow the below reference tips:

1. Getting backlinks by offering testimonials first

In general, websites leave space for showing testimonials they get from its customers, other websites, etc. It is a method to show their potential customers that they are trustworthy. When they show testimonials, they add links back to those giving testimonials. In other words, you can offer testimonials to satisfactory products and services you use and then receive backlinks from businesses of the products and services.

2. Look for reference without links

There could be someone mentioning you but not giving a link back to you. Google does not count the mention as a vote unless it has a backlink to your website. So, when you build new backlinks, find out reference without links and ask for the owner whether he or she can add a link back to you. Google Alerts helps you by sending you an email when someone mentions you.

3. Check for backlinks

You may get many backlinks. However, you only find out that they make little sense. If that happens, you need check for backlinks.

Firstly, check whether backlinks are split into different parties. For example, Google regards and as different pages. Naturally, Google counts votes to the 2 pages separately. That being said, you try every effort to get backlinks, but they are not in full use. A solution to that is 301 redirect.

Secondly, check for broken backlinks and fix them. You can take advantage of Xenu, Screaming Frog and Open Site Explorer to find out broken links.

Learn from Your Competitors

It’s vital to keep an eye on your competitors. Monitor what SEO campaign they use, which keywords they rank high, how they organize their content, etc. You need to learn from their successes and fails too. Then come up with your SEO campaign against your competitors.

Hiring SEO Experts

You might think it costly to hire SEO experts for improving your Google ranking. However, unless you know deep on SEO, it is a good idea to hire ones knowing insides and outsides, especially if you sell something on your website. The experts could diagnose what’s going on with your website and give real effective solutions to improve your website ranking on Google. Thus, your website could get more traffic and improve convert rates for more revenues. 

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