How to install SSL certificate ?

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How to install SSL certificate ?

The basic virtue of the SSL Certificate was established and started a long time ago and it was simply among various online business people. Not only it helps in building your website, it helps in encrypting the available website data. Plus, not to forget, it helps in fostering safe and secure transaction among clients and website owners. Now for those people who are quite new to the SSL, it can be quite intriguing to have a great amount of understanding on whether the website is SSL certified or not.

In this given article, we have taken various steps to simply explain the installation procedures and it would help in assisting on how one can actually do it. So, now before we can begin, it is necessary to keep in mind that the entire installation procedures could just vary as per the servers like Windows, Apache, etc. So, it would require you to have a better understanding on what kind of modification is present among the various kinds of servers.

Hosting Plan

Now this is somewhat a pre-requisite and necessary process for installing the SSL Certificate. When the SSL certificate is there for a website, it is the Certificate Authority (CA) which will just verify the given platform related to the website you are hosting. Generally, this is a good thing and is something which you would have to know about the SSL Certificate which is installed. So, it means that if you really want to do it either by yourself or simply want to be aware of the nitty gritty which are involved.

SSL Certificate Plan

The major aim for setting up or going towards for getting the SSL Certificate related to the website is when you are making a major decision related to it. You have the basic choice of either opting for a free SSL Certified plan which is for a limited time or it can lead to purchasing a lot of various paid plans which is present for the last year or more. Visiting any of the CA websites that you like and placing an order in them would help you to generate the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) of your website.

The CA who is there would provide the acknowledge for your request and would then send an email along with the CSR link. The CSR file is quite easy to open and it can be done with the help of any document reader and accessories like Notepad. Additionally, you would need to provided a genuine email ID to the given CA to ensure that the email which you have sent to the CSR link is a private one and encrypted too.

Transferring the CSR to the CA 

Here the validation would be simple and quick. For most of the CA vendors the response provided would be instant. As per the email which you receive from the CA, it may ask about the CSR that has been copy-pasted from the given precious mail when you have received. After that you would be prompted to create the required password for ensuring that you have got the exclusive access to the CR.

For this, you may be sometimes prompted to provide the password for the renewal of the certificate. Even for the revocation or another kind of modifications, which happen in the future. Once that is done, then the CA would simply email you the certificate which is signed. This you would have to save on the PC or system.

Installing and Uploading the SSL Certificate

The CA would give you an email which would be having the step-by-step instructions on how the given certificate has to be installed. Now to initiate this given installation, make sure to click on the link which is present in the email. So, what happens is when the given email or the content is downloaded, then you do have to make sure that the installed file which is present in your domain server is concrete and even check out whether the certificate is activated. Now what you have to do is restart the domain server and check out the log in and log out which are there. It is important that the certificate has to start to reflect on what your website is all about.

Suppose, if you are just installing the Wildcard SSL for the given multi-domain site, you do have to make sure that you are following all the given and required steps of the domain. After the given installation is complete, you do have to check whether the recommended steps and procedures initiated by you is implemented.

Selecting Certificate Authority  

In case if you are still having doubts over the Certificate Authority which you are going to select then there are various factors which you have to consider. The most important thing with regard to the CA is that you have to select the given feature which is available at the price of your choice and with which you are comfortable.

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