How To Know Your Keyword Ranking

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Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. A right keyword can not only lead to more traffic to your site, but also help your website get a high ranking.

Since you have done enough work in optimizing keyword, how do you know about your keyword ranking? or whether it is worth for you to optimize the keyword which you choose? Here, we will introduce the free tool we have developed to help people find the keyword ranking quickly

HostUCan Keyword Ranking Tool

We have used many free keyword ranking tools, however all of them display the ranking only when your site ranks at top 50 in the search result, which is really not good enough. So we decide to built our own tool which could search deep to 300 of the search engine result.


A brief introduction about HostUCan search engine ranking

As you can see, there are two boxes that you should fill: keyword and your domain in our Search Engine Ranking tool. At present, we offer you the ranking of search engines Google and Bing. You can choose both of them. Then just click “Search”. After a few second, your keyword ranking will be showed on this page.

If your search engine ranking is very high, congratulations! If the position is middle or low, don’t worry and you can still do some efforts to make up. However, it is terrible when it shows “out of range”.

How to get a better search engine ranking

If you are just a beginner , there are some tips that can help you do a better job in keyword ranking:

  • Choose your keyword correctly. The keyword you choose should be related to contents. Be as careful as possible with using long tail keywords. Keyword with low competition can be better for improving search engine ranking.
  • Put keyword in a right position. There are several places that you should contain keyword, such as URL,file name,,,etc.
  • Control your keyword density. Too high or too low are both bad for search engine optimization. It is known that keyword with 2%~10% in an article is enough.
  • Content should be related to your keyword. If you choose “cat” as keyword, your content containing too many “animals” can be considered irrelevant.
  • Create a clear hierarchy and text links on your site. Search engine tends to like crawlling the site with clear structure. Your article should be related to your site. Click here to know more about search engine optimization.

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