How to migrate vBulletin site to a new server

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Migrating vBulletin might happen when you change your vBulletin Hosting or move your forum from development to production. This task could be risky but with careful planning and the right process in place, you can make it a pleased journey. To move an vBulletin site to a new server, first, we highly recommend to go through the checklist in How to Change a Web Host, then follow the steps described in below to migrate your vBulletin data and code.

  1. Move vBulletin database data. vBulletin used MySQL to store all their discussion records. To move MySQL database, you could refer to the guide in How to Backup and Restore MySQL database.
  2. Download all the files in your old server, and upload it to the right directory of your new servers. Those files will include source code, profile pictures, avatars, and language files.
  3. If the new database name or user name/pasword are different with the previous one, you should change this setting in config.php so that vBulletin could connect to new database correctly.

Now, you have finished the migration. Test the new site using IP address or temporary url offered by your new web host. After you have verified everything works well, you can start working on changing DNS to reflect the change in Internet.

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