How to optimize your WordPress Blog Posts for SEO

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There’s no point in generating content without taking care of the fact that you get found on the web. Optimizing your blog sites for search engines is not optional in today’s overcrowded web space. WordPress has many SEO plugins. However, the problem with most new users is that they don’t use these with efficiency. The SEO Meta data and title are some of the parameters which need manipulation in order to achieve the required efficacy. By using these options properly, one can certainly improve the SERP ranking. In this post we discuss some of the SEO tricks which can be used by beginners to improve the search engine visibility of their WordPress blogs.

Start with the Keywords

The first step for any SEO project is to identify the keywords around which you intend to focus the whole project. If your blog is in a genre where many others have already established themselves, then be extra careful while choosing the focus keyword. The first thing to keep in mind while choosing the keyword is to remember that your targets are humans rather than the search bots. Humans don’t use one word to search the web. Focus around phrases rather than words.

If you are using the SEO plugin from Yoast, then it lets you pick focus keywords for each of the posts. After the choice is complete, it would also show the number of times the particular word is used in the post.

SEO optimized Post Title

The title of the blog post should be designed to keep both SEO and humans in mind. Even if you manage to top the SERP, someone would not click the link unless he or she finds the title interesting. Hence, although you know that the title of the page should contain the target keyword, making it interesting and catchy is exceptionally important.

Careful with the meta-description

Most people find the Meta description to be useless. However, search engines often show this text in the description in the search results. Keep it short and simultaneously try to incorporate the focus keywords. 155 characters are all you got to get things across to both a human and the search bots.

Work on Inter-linking

After you have blogged for long enough, there is enough content in the blog to create an ecosystem. Make sure to include links to your previous blogs so as to increase the traffic to older posts. Along with this, inter-linking can also help you increase your page ranks, and add context to your blogging. WordPress gives you the option to search for older posts right from the post editor. In the dialog box, press ‘link to existing content’. This opens a search box where you can search for previous blogs and link them. Once you have found the blog, you can link the post.

Using categories and Tags

Organizing your blog as a book is extremely important if you are hoping to improve your traffic.Categories and tags help readers and also search engines to find relevant posts faster, making your blog an enjoyable place to hang around.

Any content which you write in the WordPress blog has the potential to increase your visibility on the web. It is important that you understand this, and carefully enter keywords, enter new titles, create a connection among your posts and organize whole of your blog. These tips are very general, and there are plenty of WordPress plugins which can help you accomplish this. Use these wisely. Besides, you should also find a fast reliable WordPress hosting solution, as search engine won't give a good position to the site which is slow or down frequently.

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