How to Pick Up a Good WordPress Theme

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One major reason that website masters go for WordPress is a vast array of themes for them to choose from. However, it could be too many to make a decision sometimes. Or it could take more efforts for website masters to select a right theme. On the other hand, due to popularity of WordPress and efforts from designers all over the world, there will be a large increase number of themes.

So, how could you avoid overwhelmed and meanwhile pick up a good WordPress theme in a short time? Follow this post and we will give you answers.

Find Well-Designed Themes

We guess that many of you consider theme design as the first place when pick up a theme. A well-designed and good-looking theme will improve user experience and your brand.

Here are 3 steps to find out a well-designed theme.

Step1, go for premium themes in websites like ThemeForest, Elegant Themes and StudioPress;

Step 2, take your time experiencing the demo;

Step 3, make it clear whether the theme is compatible to both desktop and mobile.

Go For Mobile-Friendly Themes

Next to step 3 in how to find a well-designed theme, we would like to talk about more.

Surfing the internet via mobiles is trending these days and beyond. So, when you pick up a theme, remember that it should be responsive on mobiles. Fortunately, many themes today meet the demand.

You can read theme descriptions to figure out whether a theme is mobile friendly. Or you can use Mobile-Friendly Test, supported by Google. Instead of installing the theme on your site and then testing, you can enter the URL of demo of that theme and test.

Understand Themes and Speed

Websites can benefit a lot from fast page loading speed, such as high user satisfaction and high search engine ranks. So, we always address to improve your page loading speed while themes have something to do with speed too.

In most cases, themes could slow down page loading speed if they have heavy features and poor codes, or overuse large file formats. You could judge whether a theme is feature-heavy from numbers of sliders, preinstalled plugins and JavaScript animation. In terms of our point, less is more. The same applies to large file formats. As for codes, you can check out the update history. Poor codes often denote that there is not an update for a long time.

In addition to that, you can take good advantage of Pingdom Website Speed Test.


The tool is quite easy to use. For testing theme speed demands, you can enter the URL of demo of any theme and see how long it loads and how many HTTP requests are made.

Hunt for SEO-Friendly Themes

Many websites depend on traffic from search engines like Google. And one major work of website masters is to improve SEO. By choosing WordPress, they fulfill the very first step to be friendly with search engines since WordPress is one of the most search engine friendly CMS. The next step is to pick up a SEO-friendly theme.

Here we would like to remind you that though you could see SEO Friendly in the theme description, never trust blindly. Theme designers could add such words to improve sells.

Get Secure Themes

Hosting, password strength, plugins, themes, etc. all have effect on security. Here we discuss security with theme only. For how to choose a secure hosting, you can read the last post.

The best way to know whether a theme is secure or not is to read customers reviews from community websites such as ThemeForest.

Work with Themes with Customized Dashboard

These days, many themes have a customized dashboard for website masters to easily change everything. If your selected theme has an administration dashboard demo, you can try it to check out whether it enables you to customize everything.

As a matter of fact, there are WYSIWYG editor plugins, which enable you to create a beautiful-looking website with a few codes. If you cannot get a customized dashboard, you can install such a plugin.


In above post, we offer you 6 principles to help you pick up a good theme from an ocean of themes in a short time. At last, we want to simply answer a frequent asked question. Should you purchase a theme or go with a free theme?

As far as it goes, there is no answer. Free themes do not define poor themes any longer. Some free themes are good-looking, easy to customize, responsive to both desktop and mobile, etc. But attribution links adhere to your website. Once you need help, you have to go for communities. Premium themes provide ongoing support and less recognizable design without attribution links. It requires extra fees, more configuration, etc.

In a word, free themes and premium themes have pros and cons. Which one to choose? It all depends on your demands and budgets. 

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