How to protect your domain

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Domain name hijacking broadly refers to acts where a registered domain name is misused or stolen from the rightful name holder. When registering a domain, is your domain really safe? If you forget to renew your domain it can be taken with a blink of an eye by a new owner, perfectly legally. In this article we will share several tips on how to protect your domain.

8 Simple Tips to protect your domain:

  • Firstly, Keep the domain record locked
  • Frequently check your email regularly which is listed as registrant and admin user.
  • Keep all of the info in the domain records current. If it's outdated, your domain registration could be cancelled.
  • Remember to always keep domain contact on your own name. Your domain is your intellectual property, so make sure it’s your own name.
  • Domain Privacy, which most registrars offer free or for a small monthly charge, enables you to prevent your name, address and contact details being made freely available in Whois records.
  • Always renew your domain for maximum number of years. Domain name is an online identity of your business so why to take a chance, right?
  • A domain WHOIS contact should never be on a personal name but should be a generic name like Domain Admin or Hostwizard etc.
  • Set up domain alerts. These notifications can alert you to any attempts by hackers to hack into your domain as well as any domain expirations you missed.

If any of these tips seem foreign or you need any additional information, we recommend using MarkMonitor ( to secure your domain names. MarkMonitor, a global leader in software protection for domains and offers a multi-layer security to protect valuable domain portfolios against hackers, disgruntled employees and other potential threats. MarkMonitor will keep your domain information up to date and provide the tools needed to securely manage and protect your domain names.

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