How to Register a Domain Name

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If your thinking about having your own website, you need to register your own domain. Registering your domain name is the first step in establishing your online presence and reaching visitors. We will share knowledge and get you started with how to register a Domain.

Choose a service to host your website

There are many reliable services to assist you in registering your domain, but they tend to have different prices and customer service policies. We recommend choose what best fits your needs, some reputable web hosting companies include GoDaddy and 1and1.

Use HostUcan Domain Checker!

With hostucan domain checker it helps users find the cheapest domain name and also includes the domain registration fees. It’s simple to use just type in the domain name you want and the domain checker will fetch back the results from all the Popular cheap domain name registrars. Users can use HostUcan domain checker at:

Choose your desired Domain

After you have found an available domain name, you then want to select it and follow the necessary instructions from that particular registrar service provider. Also when choosing a domain you will be given the opportunity to add other services that's provided such like domain privacy, domain name forwarding etc.


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