How to register your own domain name?

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Domain name is a unique arrangement of letters and numbers that is used as a name of the organization or individual in the World Wide Web. You must know that the internet does not recognize any domain name. It is only the IP address that is recognizable there but it is difficult to remember all IP addresses so domain name is given for easy remembrances. There are many types of domain name available in the market- both paid and free. The small organizations who do not have enough funds should know how to register a domain name for free.

It is important that you choose a domain name that has the following properties

  • The domain name should be short and simple and should be easy to remember so that the people can easily remember it.
  • The domain name should be descriptive of the products and services you are mainly offering. This will also be helpful in remembering the domain name.

Know about the domain name scam before you can understand how to register a domain name for free

There are many companies that are involved in the domain name scam. When you start searching for the free domain name registration on the internet you will find that there are many websites that claim to give you the free domain name. But, out of these companies many of them could even be fake, they will need you to fill out a lot of online forms and sign up for many free offers but when it comes to giving you the domain they will not be found anywhere. This will only waste your time and energy and therefore you must go with the reliable and trusted websites that have been tried and tested for their services.

The options of how to register a domain name for free

There are basically two ways by which you can register a domain name in your name for free without becoming the target of a scam and having the assurance of safe use and they are

  • Absolutely free domain name
  • Free domain name that comes with the purchase of certain related services

Absolutely free domain name: this type of domain name requires you to pay no money at all to get a domain name in your ownership. You do not even need to buy any other associated services for this kind of domain name. You can get such kinds of domain name from the companies that are known to provide services of the web that are free and cost less. There are many companies in the market that can give you domain name for free such as free website hosting, unlimited shared hosting, VPS hosting, low cost domain registration and many more. The small businesses and individuals who have the personal websites can choose to get the free domain name because small organizations do not want to invest so much in a domain name. Also, if you have just started and do not have that much budget you should go in for the free domain name.

There are websites on the internet that can provide you with legitimate free domain names. Their services are also good and help you to create a website or a blog or a community forum and have it in your name on the internet without any fee at all. You could get small and easy yo remember domain names.

Free domain name when you buy some services: there are many web hosting providers that are offering to give free domain name when you buy the web hosting services from them. The web hosting plan is bought on yearly basis and with it the companies give away the domain name as the freebie. Here you can save on the domain name but will have to buy the web hosting services for some this may count as advantageous such as the companies or organizations but for the individuals and small businesses you may find it hard to buy the one year long subscription of web hosting services. There are many companies in the market that are claiming to give you the best web hosting assistance but you must inquire carefully about how to register a domain name for freeon these websites and whether it is a safe thing to do before you make the decision so that you can enjoy both web hosting and the domain name hassle free. The problem with such websites is that the domain name that you get for free is generally either unrelated or too long to be remembered by anyone.

Though you may want to save on many things at the start of your business but it is not a good idea to cut down on the cost of getting a domain name because it is the identity of your website and people will only remember you through that website. If not a very fancy one you must research and find out the best and the cheapest domain name to register with. This will give you many advantages such as

  • You will get the domain name of your choice
  • The domain name will be short and simple
  • The domain name will be the representative of your products and services

The good thing about buying a cheap domain name is that you need to pay just a small price for a year-long subscription and you get the desired domain name. There are many websites that provide domain name for as low as $ 10 for the whole year. This is just nothing if you want to make a website of your dreams. Once you are established and can afford more you can change your web host too which is one of the advantages.

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