How To Search For Your Best Domains

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Since domain has been such a hot stuff in internet, most people use domain to build their own website, while others are for other business purposes. No matter how,to build your business online, the first step that you should take is to search for a good domain.

You have probably searched for a domain for a long time, so how do you know your domain is at the cheapest price? Or whether this domain has been registered? Now, we introduce you a perfect tool to help you choose your best domain.

HostUCan Domain Name Search Tool

You might have used many free search domain tools, however most of them just show you only several domain registrars,or little domain information, which is really not good enough for you. Based on this case, we developed our own tool aimed at providing the most comprehensive domain ,only the trusted domain registrars(such as Godaddy, NameCheap, 1and1 and etc) ,and also the cheapest domain price.


How To Use HostUCan Domain Name Search Tool

As the screenshot shows above, you should enter your domain name in the box, and choose the right domain suffixes in our domain name search tool. Then, click “look up”. Just after a few seconds, the search result is showed in front of your eyes.

On the search result page,some important domain information is displayed for you: the registrars who are selling this domains, and different prices each registrar provides. Surprisingly, all the prices of each domain are ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive. If the domain name you enter have been registered, the domain status will be a red one with “already registered”. So , how much does this tool surprise you? Just register your domain now!

How To Choose A Good Domain Name

A good domain name is considered to be the one which can easily be remembered by people and is authoritative. Here are several tips for you:

  • Try to be short. Your domain name shouldn’t be too long. You know too long is bad for reading and remembering.
  • Make it memorable. Just think about what people talk about normally, and which domain name is easy to spell. Also, some funny words can be used in your domain name.
  • Avoid using plural, hyphens or numbers. People always tend to forget typing these characters. So in order to cater to people’s habits, it is better for you to avoid plural, hyphens and numbers as much as possible in domain names. For more information, click here: domain subject.

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