How to Start a Small Business Website (for Beginners)

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Being an experienced webmaster, I understand the difficulty in starting a business website for ordinary users, especially those beginners. Knowing this situation, we are to compose an in-depth and detailed guide for beginners who are intended to start their first small business website. With the hope of helping beginners starting their small business site more easily and quickly without even employing a developer, we will show how to start a small business site in 8 steps.

Before Starting Your Small Business Website

Having tremendous web hosting providers, easy to use website builders, powerful website building platforms, and useful plugins and software, it is much easier to start a small business site than ever before. If you can carefully follow our guide in below, you can totally start make and start your small business site by yourself, even without having good knowledge about coding or employing any developer. 

Before you start it, you may want to know the general steps you will need to take, which are:

  • Select your domain name for your small business site;
  • Buy a proper web hosting package for your site;
  • Install and activate WordPress;
  • Make a content outline for that website;
  • Configure your small business website’s design by choosing a favorite and proper template;
  • Use extensions and add-ons to increase more features for your site;
  • Improve your own WordPress skills by learning from resources outside.

Choose the Best Platform for Your Small Business Website 

It is common to see that most beginners choose wrong platform to create their small business websites. Here we will directly recommend beginners to use WordPress to start their small business websites. 

WordPress is currently most popular, flexible, and easy-to-use website builder on the market, which powers around 31 percent of web sites on the internet, and hundreds of thousands of small business websites around the world are included.

For beginners, WordPress can offer them the access to tremendous pre-made extensions, website templates, as well as useful add-ons. These are great for users to quickly start their online presence, especially for those beginners having few experience about website building. With the power of WordPress, you can easily create any kind of websites you can imagine, and even you do not have good knowledge about coding.

After deciding your website builder, you can move to the next step. Now, let’s have a look at how to create your small business site by using WordPress with lower costs.

1. Three Terms for Creating Your Small Business Website

To create your business website, besides website builder, you also need the following 3 items:

  • Your small business website’s name – your domain name
  • Web hosting – to host your small business website and store all your site files
  • Your time – following our guide, you may need about 1 hour to go through the whole process

Once you have the 3 items, you can start to set up your small business site!

2. Set up Your Small Business Site

When you decide to use WordPress as your small business website builder, you will find two similar WordPress types available in the industry. One is, a hosted website building platform; the other is, a self-hosted solution.

In our guide, we choose, since this type of WordPress can offer you instant access to each WordPress feature.

Then, you will need to use your domain name as well as a WordPress hosting package to create your site.

Based customers’ reviews and feedbacks, and our experience, we sincerely recommend Bluehost to get started. The company is officially recommended by and has great reputation on its WordPress hosting solution.

Normally, you need pay $2.95/mo to get Bluehost entry-level WordPress hosting package, which includes free domain, 1-click WordPress install, free site builders, and 24 hours support. Also, Bluehost offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and more than $150 Google ad credits to help customers start quickly and easily. You need use the latest Bluehost coupon to get this special deal. 

3. Choose a Domain Name for Your Small Business Site

Visiting Bluehost and directly click on “Get Started Now” to switch to WordPress hosting packages choosing page.

Here you will find 3 different packages. Normally, Basic is the most suitable for beginners, and Plus is most popular one among small businesses.

Once you decide to choose which plan, you just need to click on “Select” button and you will be switched to next page.

Here you will be required to enter a domain name for your business site and perform a test to check whether your domain name is available now.

How to Choose Your Small Business Website’s Domain Name?

For any kind of websites, their domain name is crucial to their success. This step is worth spending more much time, so that you can find a perfect one for your online business. Also, you have no need to think too much. There are some useful tips for this:

  • Use .com version for your domain name, because this version is easier to remember than others;
  • Make your domain name be straightforward or related to your online business;
  • Try to add geographical location to your domain name when the domain name you like is not available, because it can increase the visibility of your domain name in those local search results. 
  • Make your domain name short, simple as well as easy to pronounce.

4. Install WordPress

Now, you will have selected your own domain name at Bluehost, and then you need provide your hosting account information like your email, name, address, and so on. After that, you can find some additional options of this hosting package, and you can choose to purchase or not. Also, if you cannot decide immediately, you can buy them later when you need.

Then, you need add payment information to accomplish your purchase. 

Next, you will get a message via email, which offers the details about the way of logging in to your hosting control panel account.

If you also purchase Bluehost WordPress hosting, then the company will automatically install WordPress on your account, so you can directly login to the WordPress website from your hosting dashboard. 

After logging in to your WordPress website, you will find WordPress admin area in which you can manage your site, configure website settings as well as add more content to your site.

5. Create Content Outline for Your Small Business Website

After installing WordPress, you can create an outline for your small business website content. Normally, those successful small business sites are very simple and clean, and always have a standard site layout.

Directly go to “Pages” >> “Add New” page from WordPress admin area, and then you can start to create new pages for your WordPress site.

You have no need to worry about text, images and content at this moment. You just need add a short and simple page title, brief test, as well as several images for this new page. You have the right to edit these added pages anytime and add more content for your site if you need.

We have ever talked about 9 important pages for WordPress blog, and it is also suitable for your small business website. In short, your small business website should include a Homepage with your business band name to be a welcome page, an About Us page to simply introduce yourself and your business values, a Products or Services page to list out your services or products’ details, and a Contact page offering contact information and methods for your customers. 

In addition to that, you are able to add more pages as you need in your WordPress small business website. 

6. Choose a Theme for Your Website

Regularly, you will receive a basic website template from WordPress. You can use it to easily start your small business website, or if you just do not want to use the default theme for your site, you still have various paid and free WordPress themes or templates available outside. 

For beginners, we sincerely recommend you to choose a WordPress theme with simple design which looks great and includes all right elements you will use. Usually, a small business site includes a clean navigation menu on the top of your site; your homepage will include welcome message with a CTA button followed by your content.

After you selected your WordPress theme or template, you can move on to install it on your site. 

Each WordPress template has its own special settings for you to customize or change its appearance. To find those setting options, you can visit “WordPress Dashboard” >> “Appearance” >> “Customize” page.

On this page, you are able to change your site colors, add or delete navigation menus, remove or add different sections on your site, etc. After you make those changes well, you have to click on “Publish” button to save all your settings and changes.

On the other hand, if there is no default theme fitting your needs, you can take advantage of a popular page builder with drag-and-drop feature to help you make a custom WordPress theme design totally meeting your needs. Currently, Divi and Beaver Builder are very popular and powerful WordPress themes that you can try.

7. Use WordPress Plugins to Enrich Your Site Features

WordPress plugins are very useful to help add more features on your site. You just need choose easy to use and useful one and install them on your site. Then your site will have more features these plugins brings, such as contact forms, sliders, Google Analytics, Social Media buttons, and so on.

By far, there are over 50,000 free WordPress plugins available in WP plugin directory only. So, you can easily find the perfect plugins you want to use. There are several most used plugins that most WordPress site has: 

  • Yoast SEO for improving WordPress SEO to drive more traffic from Google
  • WP Super Cache for speeding up website in the means of adding cache
  • WPForms Lite for adding contact forms 
  • Sucuri for adding free site malware scanner 
  • UpdraftPlus for enabling WordPress backups free of charge

8. Learn WordPress to Improve Your Site

At present, your small business website is set up and have a general structure. Then, you may plan to improve your site.

There are increasing number of WordPress tutorials and tips appearing on the internet each day, so you will have plenty of resources to learn how to improve your WordPress website and your business brand via WordPress website. This is a constant and time-consuming process, and you need insist learning the latest trend and stick to your niche principles. 

Now we have told you how to make and start your small business website via WordPress, and by following our guide above, we believe you can quickly get your business conception online. 

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