How Your Domain Name Will Impact Seo & Social Media Marketing

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Selecting a domain name is one of the most imperative decisions that you make. Your choice will influence the success of your website in the near future on areas such as Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here are some factors that say how important is your domain name for SEO and SMM.

Use of Keywords and in the Domain is Effective

In order to increase CTR or the Click Through Rate business people often purchase domain which had their directed keywords. The strategy of investing in a keyword eccentric domain works well. After some good research work you could establish the search volume and determine the exact words that are being looked up for related to your website’s content. 

One of the approaches could be to buy the Exact Matching Domains (EMD’s) which carry the keywords or keyword phrases that the buyer is targeting. For instance if one wants to rank for ‘buy yellow bugs’ you could purchase ‘’. There are two advantages of buying EMD’s

  • The presence of the keyword in the domain is ranking aspect. 
  • Other webmasters are invigorated to add the keyword in the anchor text while linking to the website.

It has also been observed that changing generic keywords with better descriptive words has increase in click through rates. For instance ‘bestbedsonline’ could be changed for something more descriptive like ‘hydraulicbeds’.

A Good Brandable Domain Will Help You Know How Important Is Your Domain Name for SEO

Having a keyword oriented domain definitely offers some plus points to your bucket but a bigger factor which should undeniably be reflected on is the brandability of the domain. 

Your brand is essential and your domain is the groundwork on which your brand stands. Your viewers will look you up, share and recognize your company from your domain name. The domain name is the principal way through which the viewers can ascertain where the link will route to; such is the case for both search engines and social media.  

Many sellers have the notion that SEO is all about links and keywords but, Google adores brands too. A brandable domain can guarantee the connectivity of website to networks and social pages. Using the same name everywhere strengthens brand recognition and aids in building the confidence of the users through several platforms.

A brandable domain also helps in lead generation. Trust is what converts users to potential buyers and finally you gain their trust and make the permanent customers. People not only from your country are going to see your website but across the globe. Registering your business with other high value domains to connect to people from other nations is definitely fruitful. Domains as ‘’ and ‘au’ draw peoples trust and interest.

Some points which can be used while selecting a brandable domain are:

  • Easy to remember names are the ones which will be frequently visited as they are easily remembered and recognised.
  • Make certain that the name that you are selecting for your domain has some meaning and passes a specific message to the user. Anything without purpose goes unseen.
  • There are literate people romancing throughout the web and spelling mistake could be a drawback.
  • Research shows that the top 10,000 websites have just nine characters in the name of their domain. Short and sweet!
  • Exceptional things are always appreciated, come up with something which is unique and bound to attract attention
  • Forget common words like ‘best’ you don’t want to specify the facts about your domain. Make it sound more trustworthy; believe me something like ‘best’ and ‘cheap’ are not going to work.

A Good Domain Name 

This is one of the most difficult tasks for a company or a business because of the obvious reason that most of the domain name are taken and could cost you a fortune. Gather your team members and brainstorm with them for some ideas. There are three formulations by which you could get the best possible domain name.

  • Look up examples like or are some websites that were crafted with the help of existing domain names. You can take the help of a thesaurus and look up words which usually don’t come up to ones thoughts.
  • Construct your own unique name. There are many domains which carry unusual names and no one knew about them.
  • A portmanteau could make a wonderful and different domain for your company.  Portmanteaus are nothing but a blend of two or sometimes more words or morphemes and their explanations to form one word such as Pinterest. 

To Conclude How Important is Domain Name for SEO and SMM

Domain names are important for you and your company’s career. It would be worth spending time in looking up for the best one, keeping it unique and attractive. While the above strategies could help you in getting a relevant domain for your company, you should also be sure to do extensive research and take advice before you can filter down your selections. 

There is no precise formula to locate a branded domain the basic idea is to look for predictable remunerations and features which seem to be well in sync with present selection of a domain. After all a good domain will help you get the social recognition and the search response which you are looking forward for your business. 

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