Huawei to Underpin Malaysian Tech Roadmap And Cybersecurity Agenda

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In order to involve in Malaysian cybersecurity agenda as well as tech roadmap China’s tech firm Huawei announced a series of MOUs and a Malaysian OpenLab during the Huawei Asia-Pacific Innovation Day 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. These MOUs mainly focuses on university education and SME R&D.

Huawei’s MOUs shows it will participating in Malaysian digital transformation across small and medium enterprise research and development, national cybersecurity, as well as university education. The MOUs include the collaboration between Huawei and CyberSecurity Malaysia, University Malaysia Sabah, SME Corp Malaysia, and the Terengganu state government.

For cybersecurity MOU, it will include the partnership between Huawei and the federal government, focusing on creating a more secure and safer cyberspace for Malaysia. Under the MOU, Huawei and CyberSecurity Malaysia will set up a steering committee which will meet twice each year for examining the technical standards issues as well as technology innovation, and developing methods to identify as well as manage cyber threats, and establish a joint taskforce to execute its tasks. 

In terms of Huawei, it will take charge of training courses with native industry via the CyberSecurity Malaysia Collaborative Partner (CCP) program. 

About the collaboration with Terengganu state’s government, Huawei and the government will join force on creating a digital transformation roadmap corresponding to the digital transformation agenda of the federal government. And the roadmap is going to focus on 4 aspects, as Huawei introduced, including cloud infrastructure, broadband infrastructure, technological innovation, as well as “human capital”.

According to the MOU with the government, Huawei will also get down to do a state-wide training program that will focus on such smart applications’ use, and produce a comprehensive as well as complete courses that will contain the both public and private educational institutions of the state. 

About SEM Corp MOU, it will promote collaboration between Malaysia’s SMEs on technology R&D. Under the SEM Corp MOU, Huawei will give Malaysia’s SMEs training, and these SMEs will partner on looking into challenges, ecommerce, opportunities, policies, talent development, and infrastructure support. 

For UMS MOU, it will focus on a smart campus initiative as well as industry programs set up at the university. Based on it, Huawei is appointed as technical & business advisor for UMS’ IT practices and its smart campus tactic. Because of this, Huawei will design plans and training courses for the university’s teachers and students. Also, the tech firm will make sure the UMS is always equipped with smart applications, faster broadband, as well as wider wireless coverage. 

Additionally, at the event, Malaysian government also emphasized that to boost its GDP and drive national economy, it is very important to develop the capabilities in AI. 

Malaysian OpenLab

Besides a series of MOUs, Huawei also announced to open an OpenLab in Malaysia, which will aim at accelerating its digital transformation and allow co-development room for the Chinaese tech giant and its local technology partners. Malaysian OpenLab is going to combine Huawei’s labs around the world. 

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