IBM and VMware Announce A Strategic Partnership For Cloud Offerings

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Tuesday’s announcement by IBM that the company has partnered with VMware to provide hybrid cloud solutions was preceded by almost a year of speculations where the two companies discussed the agreements and developed the tools and technologies required for the success of this coalition. It will give IBM channel partners the ability to easily sell VMware cloud services and the VMware Cloud Foundation and also assist existing VMware clients extend the VMware environment to IBL Cloud.

The deal was announced at the IBM Partnership leadership Conference and it aims at bringing together VMware’s robust infrastructure management capabilities and IBM’s significant real estate giving birth to hybrid cloud infrastructure which is being considered by IBM as a market first.

Given the pivotal changes in technology, companies have to be adaptive to new and changing ways. And since companies usually end up creating a niche for themselves in certain areas only, a coalition is the best way to ensure that they can give the best of both worlds to their clients. Since organizations are looking for a quick and easy way to deploy as well as move workloads when it comes to managing them between private and public cloud environments, IBM Cloud’s VP, Zane Adams, explained that IBM venture to market with channel partners and VMware will help enterprises to scale their current business and even create new business opportunities. Where they can use their existing IT infrastructure in a hybrid cloud environment.

IBM has been working with VMware for over a year to bring these solutions to light. The aim of both the companies is to create cloud solutions that empower companies to run workload on the cloud as well as on the premises. Their strategic move of tapping into their channel partner’s expertise will help the companies provide the services with a lot more ease and it will give clients the flexibility they need to look for options regarding the cloud solutions.

Channel partners will have the ability to spontaneously provision the pre-configured VMware SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) environments. The platform integrates VMware Sphere, vSAN, NSX, and SDDC Manager.

Ajay Patel, Senior Vice President, Cloud Provider Software at VMware said that the partnership of the two companies enables customers to smoothly move and implement the enterprise applications and disaster recovery solutions over a wide network of cloud data centers located around the world.

IBM business partners will be able to offer a one-stop shop for customers who are looking forward to move their on-premise VMware platforms to the cloud by offering a spectrum of lifecycle services which include planning, architecture, migration and end-to-end management. Channel partners like Avnet, BMSIX, Tridatum and Vicom are a few of those who will be able to sell the hybrid cloud solutions and provide support to their customers for it.

This may add momentum to hybrid cloud adaptation by organizations. The current partnership will help more than 1,000 clients easily move their existing workloads in just a matter of hours as opposed to weeks or months that it may have taken otherwise.

In 2016, IDC Marketscape recognized VMware as a leader for possessing the most complete combination of business and solution strategies. This was the second consecutive year when VMware was commended for its business. With such innovative capabilities, the entity is bound to experience a surge in commendations and its recent partnership with IBM brings its creative efforts to a new high. Its strategic planning and partnership efforts improve customer experience and also minimize the costs of expansion. With scalability being an important feature in the recent cloud offerings, businesses will be able to expand easily.

Cloud adopters will find this partnership to have come at the right time because it offers a lot of promise to its clients. It is a feature rich technology that will enable smoother functioning of enterprises and will help them scale their business without a lot of thought to the costs of expansion when it comes to the IT infrastructure.

While IBM is the first VMware vCloud Air Network service provider which will provide a fully automated VMware based service for the VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware has also partnered with Amazon to boost the sales of its data center automation software on the AWS Cloud to organizations. The company's steady growth and popularity is probably owed to its shift in business where the company is taking the role of providing connections and management for multi-cloud environments.

While the partnership ensues a lot of changes for the channel partners and the customers, the overall advantages of the IBM-VMware partnership is anticipated to accelerate the move of enterprises to cloud and help companies make the shift effortlessly. While the partnership is said to have formed about a year ago, the two companies have worked closely together in forming other solutions as well. Clients around the world hope for a great user experience with VMware Cloud Foundation. 

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