IDC Releases China IaaS Public Cloud Market Share 2016 Report

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When it comes to IaaS public cloud market share 2016 in China, Alibaba Cloud continues to lead the pack, followed by China Telecom, Tencent Cloud, and Ksyun, according to the latest data released by IDC.


Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm and business unit of Alibaba Group, accounts for over 40 percent of China IaaS public cloud market share in 2016, becoming the absolute winner in the game. After Alibaba Cloud, there are other players like China Telecom, Tencent Cloud, and Ksyun, who are fairly close to each other with 8.51 percent, 7.34 percent, and 6.02 percent of market share.

IDC also says that the IaaS public cloud revenue of Alibaba Cloud in 2016 was 4 billion yuan ($588 million), followed by China Telecom’s $122 million, Tencent Cloud’s $100 million, and Ksyun’s $87 million.

It is reasonable to calculate that China public cloud market capacity in 2016 reached 10 billion yuan, while the left 3.7 billion yuan was divided and shared by dozens of other cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), UCloud, Qing Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Wo Cloud, and etc.

The most interesting thing is, CCID Consulting also announced a similar research report for China IaaS Public Cloud Market 2016 in March, which comes with a little different from IDC in conclusions, however. According to CCID Consulting, although Alibaba Cloud still topped the list of China IaaS public cloud market share, Tencent Cloud, Ksyun, Microsoft Azure, and AWS China took up the second to fifth place. It is easy to find out that China Telecom was not involved in the list.

CCID Consulting believes that 2016 China IaaS public cloud capacity is 13.36 billion yuan, which makes up one-third more than IDC’s data. Go further, if we calculate Alibaba Cloud’s public cloud revenue based on this CCID Consulting data, we can get almost the same figure as IDC: 4.088 billion yuan.

Whereas, the two research reports have sharp differences in the statistics of Tencent Cloud. CCID Consulting thinks the IaaS public cloud revenue of Tencent Cloud in 2016 was about 1.55 billion yuan, which is more than double the IDC’s 730 million yuan.

Who has given the wrong figures between IDC and CCID Consulting? No one knows, but we expect the next report to give us the answer.  

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