Importance of a CDN for your WordPress Blog

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The wordpress sites are very popular these days and the popularity is still on the rise. This is due to the considerable improvement that has been made in the wordpress sites. This improvement has become possible because of the use of CDN for wordpress site which improves various aspects of the wordpress site including its speed.

What is CDN?

CDN is the acronym for Content Delivery Network. This is actually a system of servers that are placed all over the world at various data centers covering the entire internet all across the globe.

What is the use of CDN for wordpress site?

When a visitor wants to access a word press website he is directed to the web server of the host that allows him to get access to the contents of the website. But in a day or for that matter in an hour, there is a possibility that there are many people trying to do the same, that is, getting access to the contents of your wordpress site. At this time the traffic is too much for the server to handle and the site becomes slow and many a time it may even crash.

Here CDN comes into play as the static content of your wordpress site which would include the images, CSS files, Javascripts Flash and others are not only stored but are also cached on the servers that are located throughout the globe. This is where the main action starts. When a visitor visits your wordpress site he is not taken to the main server but is directed to the server present nearest to the visitor.

For instance if your wordpress site is hosted on a server that is located in Minnesota USA and is being accessed by someone in India then the person will be redirected t the server that is nearest to the visitor and that could be somewhere in Hong Kong. This is a great way of lowering the traffic to the main server while the visitor is able to access all the information from your wordpress site as all the servers have the static content of your website stored with them. In this way CDN actually increases the bandwidth to the maximum and lowers the incidences of network congestions.

How CDN helps the wordpress blog?

There are many advantages of using CDN for your wordpress blogs such as

Improved speed: if you use CDN for wordpress site you are sure to increase the speed of your website as it actually distributes the traffic to different servers preventing any congestion on one server. This is especially true to the international websites that attract many foreign visitors. The domestic websites generally open up fast but the ones that are from other country take too much of time opening. But if you use CDN for your website you will be able improve upon the speed of your website providing greater customer satisfaction.

Resistance from frequent website crashes: CDN is a great way of improving the performance of your website without the risk of crashing. The CDN prevents overloading of the main server and this is why it helps the website perform better. The large traffic is redistributed and the main server is saved from overloading and thus increases its reliability. The visitors also rest assured that whenever they want they can visit your website.

Better user experience: the sooner your website opens the better is the business it does. Even a second of the delay may result in considerable loss of business. It is seen that longer it takes for your website to open the lesser are the chances that it would result in any business transaction. So, it is better to improve the speed of your website with the help of CDN so that the users not only buy your products but also return to your website.

Better ranking in search engines: it is a known fact that the websites that open faster are ranked higher in the search engines. Though there is no guarantee to it but if you have relevant content and search engine optimized content then you can get a better ranking in Google and thus improve the traffic on your website if you have CDN for wordpress site.

How to get CDN webhosting?

The best way to get CDN for your wordpress website is by choosing the web host that provides CDN services by default. This makes it easier for you to get all the things from the beginning as all he integration is done by the host already. By choosing a CDN host you are saved from the hassles of CDN installation and its configuration. The most important this is that when you are taking the services of a general web host you get the CDN service for free. This has actually become almost a standard practice now for all the web hosts.

The use of CDN must not be omitted in order to save money because it is actually not saving but losing out on your potential long term clients and business just because you had lesser servers to tackle to the needs of various clients trying to do business with you. When you start a business you must make yourself ready for large orders so that when the opportunity calls you are not caught being incapable of performing to your fullest and make good of the golden opportunity.

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